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Media Managing a large reality show

Joe Perri

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So i’ve been asked to media manage a reality show in the NYC area for a highly established company. It’s “house reality” so its gonna be around 8-10 cameras (FS7’s), probably shooting 2-3 cards per camera and shooting 24/7 for about a month and a half. Think MTV Jersey Shore/Real World style. In addition to the FS7’s there will be robo cams, gopros, drone and cell phone footage. So yea… a lot of media to be managed. Media will be managed at crew hotel. All post wants is footage transferred to the drives, no transcoding or anything like that.
I have tons of media management experience but not with this data load and consistency this show will be shooting at. I have some questions for you guys…
  • Has anybody media managed a show this large before? If so, what was your system to make the data transfer quick as possible?
  • What kind of drives did you use?
  • Did you do it alone or did you have help/a team?
  • In your opinion what should the daily rate be for a show like this? The production company said $400/12. How did you negotiate your rate with the production company?
  • Any general tips from your experience?
  • What would you ask from production if you were offered a gig like this?
Right now it sounds like i would literally be working 24/7 if I’m doing it by myself which i’m not interested in doing haha. I hoping you guys could give me a bit more clarity on the situation.
Please ask me any questions as well if you need.
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