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Stabilizer/vibration dampener for phone tripod mount?

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Hi, I'm a competitive water skier, and I use something called a Wakeye to record my skiing. Attached is a picture. The device "follows" the rope back and forth, turning the camera to follow the skier, but due to the vibrations of the boat and the rope, the video is always pretty shaky.

Is there an add-on piece that I could put below the phone mount that would dampen these vibrations? If I search for phone vibration dampener online, it's all designed for mounting on a motorcycle or bike. I haven't been able to find any that would screw into a tripod top like I need (and then have an additional screw to put the phone mount back on).

I am aware of the electronic image stabilization issues with iPhones. If i use the rear camera, the shaking is terrible. I have to use the front-facing camera, which is lower quality but as least lessens the shaking. I also know that a GoPro would solve this, but trying to keep it budget :)

Any help here? Thank you!!!

r/videography - Stabilizer/vibration dampener for phone tripod mount?

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