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loan out companies after AB5

Justin Kling

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Does anybody on this forum live in the US and have a loan out company?

What has your experience been working for California-based production companies since AB 5 went into effect? Will they still hire you through your loan out or do they put you on payroll?

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I have been able to be paid through payroll companies as loan out. These are the requirements: 

1. Submit your company info to payroll through production. I have a LLC as S-corp operating in California. I have to submit my SOS and Articles of Incorporation. 


2. Present current Worman's Comp. As a loan out, you are working under your own Workman's Comp policy, not the production company's. A standard Certificate of Insurance through your insurance will have a line item for Workman's Comp and this what I present to payroll through the production company. 


This is additional onboarding work for production companies but most I have worked with have been willing to process this paperwork with payroll. 

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