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VR Phantom Flex 4K 128GB Camera Package

Arri 416 Plus Camera Package  Email For Details $93K
Arri 416 Plus HS Camera Package  Email For Details $100K

Arri Alexa Mini LF Camera Package 4-1TB Drives  Hrs.- 1235 $75K
Arri Alexa LF Camera Package Hrs.- 678 $45K
Arri Alexa Mini Camera Package Hrs. 3509 Includes: ArriRaw, 4:3 $30K
Arri Amira Camera Packages
Sony Venice 6K Camera Pkg. Rec. Hrs.-358 Fully Loaded Pkg. All Licenses
Aaton A-Minima Package Includes: 2- Camera Bodies with AKS,Film,Lots of aks
Arri 35III MKIII HS Camera w/P&S Technik S35 Conversion Beautiful Kit $11K
Arri 235 2 Perf Movement (Movement Only) $25K
Arriflex SR2 HS Evolution Kit $21K

Arri Master Prime Set Includes: 27/40/50/75/100mm  Just Serviced Like New Condition  $92K
Arri Master Primes Lens Singles:14/21/27/32/100mm Selling As Singles
Arri Master Anamorphic 40mm 2x Lens Excellent Condition $32K

Cooke Panchro /i Classic Lens Set Includes: 18/25/32/45/50/75/100mm 
Leica Summicron-C Set Includes: 18/21/25/29/35/50/75/100/135mm $70K
Leica Thalia Lens Set Includes: 30/35/45/70/100/180mm Motivated
Angenieux Optimo 19.5-94mm Zoom Lens

Angenieux Optimo 17-80mm Zoom Lens  $17K
Angenieux Optimo 30-76 Zoom Lens $11K
Fujinon Premier 18-85mm  T2.0 Zoom Lens
Fuinon Cabrio 25-300mm Zoom Lens

Canon Optex 14mm T2.8 PL

80 'Akela Crane w/6x12 Custom High Wells Cargo Trailer,3000 lbs Barbell Weights $25K

Scorpio Mini EZ Head (2 axis) With Wheels & Monitor
Arri Maxima MX30QL Gold Mount w/Vibration Isolator,Ready Rig $15K
Arri WCU-4 Wireless Compact Unit


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