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Theis Production - South Bend, IN - This Semester

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Greetings, BlackMagic Design,


I am a 29-year-old senior at Indiana University, Bloomington.  For my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree (BFA) in Cinematic Arts; over the next two semesters (due May); I must produce a 10–15-minute thesis-production.  I am looking to do my thesis on a relative of mine, Andrew: a severe accident he had at the end of June (in South Bend); his recovery; he, his attitude, and his recovery's impact on those about him; and the role therein of his God-ward faith and God's grace.


While riding his motorcycle around 11pm, Andrew was hit by a car.  He lost his right leg rather completely (it was amputated by the next morning).  He was infused with 19L of blood before hemorrhaging was sealed (averagely, an adult body holds around 5L of blood; Andrew’s femoral artery had been ruptured).  Due to lack of blood, his heart was not pumping for around 10 minutes in the ER (EMTs did not expect to see him again, after they dropped him off).  Yet when I visited him on Aug 12, he was fully coherent, energetic, and still in great physical shape (minus injuries).  Talking with him felt like talking with an athlete who was only laid up over the weekend with a sprained ankle.  During recovery, the nurses were also impressed with his positivity: his father joked that the nurses were fighting over who got to be Andrew's nurse, because he was such an encouraging patient.  Visiting Andrew, I found Andrew’s attitude inspiring and his recovery remarkable.

His left (other) knee and right arm were badly damaged.  That arm now has multiple plates and many screws.  The left knee has had reconstructive surgeries and has one more surgery to go.  Once the right arm heals enough to bear weight (in a few weeks), he should be able to wheel himself a round.  After the knee heals, the goal and the plan are to fit him with a prosthetic leg on his right side.

Andrew’s hobbies include motor racing, working on his own vehicle, and weightlifting.  He is a 20-year-old jr. at Notre Dame (business-school honors-student); and has owned his own house since age 19.


Following is a link to a picture of Andrew and me, taken by his mother, 2022 08 12.


Following is link to a list of positions I am or may be wanting to fill.  Some positions may be combinable.  Anyone interested, please include (a) demo sample(s) (if applicable); describe experience; and include rate.  (The school has a limited, $1500 budget for each of our thesis productions.)  Production is to take place this semester (post-production next semester).  I anticipate shooting to take place in and around South Bend, IN.



William Clark




Thank you.

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