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Anyone Have Experience Exporting H.265 HEVC out of Premiere?

Forrest Kos

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Hi All, 

I'm was attempting to leave behind H.264 for H.265, but it's not as easy as I originally thought. 

When rendering out of Premiere 22.5.0 this newer codec seems a bit buggy. 

I can export a video as long as I don't mess with bit rate settings. and I keep it in VBR Good Quality. CBR is not working for me.

I am attempting to render on a MacBook 2017 with Intel Core I7 processor. ( also tried on a newer 2021 M1 MacBook and I got the same results) 

What I would like to do is change my Bitrate Encoding to CBR and crank the Mbps to max, Change Quality to Highest, to get the best quality H.265 Video possible. 

However the software will either render to 100% and then freeze. or I will get an error message. 


Anyone have experience on this, is it time to ditch Premiere for Davinci? I've looked at a bunch of threads and nothing seems to be consistent. 






Screen Shot 2022-08-30 at 4.14.59 PM.png

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