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Aaton Mount Adaptors - Arri B, Arri Standard, Nikon F and Leica R

Gregory Oke

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I'm doing a bit of a clear out and selling some Aaton mount adaptors that I don't use (converted my Aaton to PL)

There are 4 in total.

Aaton to Arri Standard, Aaton to Arri Bayonet, Aaton to Leica R and Aaton to Nikon F

150 each or 450 for all of them together - if you have an Aaton this really opens up the possibilities in terms of using great, affordable older lenses.

Pictures here.


I'm not 100% sure on the original manufacturer of these mounts. They came with an Aaton LTR54 that I bought some years ago. I have since had that camera fitted with a PL mount and so am not using these mount adaptors. I had very good use from the Nikon F mount adaptor using my older Nikon lenses. Results were great. I didn't use the other adaptors.

All the mounts are very solid construction - have tried to find out original manufacture and think it may have been Les Bosher. The camera itself was definitely serviced by ICE though - so maybe through them.

The Arri B mount adaptor looks very similar to this from Visual Products:


Thanks! Any questions let me know.

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