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For Sale Arri 435 Xtreme S35mm Camera Pkg. PL Mount

Barbara Holler

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For Sale Arri 435 Xtreme S35mm Camera Pkg. PL Mount If you want more information, you can call or text 917-499-9596 or Email barbara@newprovideo.com

There is a 72 hour Check out period to verify the integrity of the camera and is not being misrepresented.

Comes with
FEM 2 Integrated Lens Motor Electronics
Arri 435 IVS NTSC Video Assist #1579
Accessory Socket Distributor (11-pin splitter)
3-Arri 435 400' Mags w/ Fitted Case 
2-Arri 435 Steadicam Mags w/ Fitted Case 
1-Arri 435 100% Video Top 
Arri LDD-FP Lens Data Display Monitor
1-15mm Studio Sliding Baseplate with Dovetail Plate
1-Arri MB-14 4-Stage Matte box with Case
1-114mm Donut for Arri MB-14
1-Ground glass
2-15mm Lens Rods
1-Spherical Viewfinder Top
1-Wide Angle Eyepiece
1-FE-3 Extension Eyepiece 
1-Arri RCU Remote Control Unit with Cable #1401
1-24V Power Cable
1-Camera Body/AKS Case
1-435 Advanced User Manual











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