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(Selling) RED Epic-x Dragon 6k second hand - London based

Jamie Waters

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Selling RED Epic-X Dragon 6k Kit which includes the following:
1. Red Epic-x Dragon 6k brain
2. RED bottom plate with 15mm Rod adaptor
3. Red Pro 5” Touch Monitor
4. Red Bomber EVF
5. Two Lemo Video cables
6. Top Red plate
7. Red Side handle
8. 512GB Red Mini-mag
9. Red Top Handle
10. Wooden A-Box for Audio
11. V-lock adaptor
12. I/O back expander
13. Mini-mag Reader
14. Red EF Adaptor
15. Red Pro monitor tilt adaptor
16. OLPF for Low-light, highlight-skin-tone, and standard
17. Pelican Hard-Case
18. Magic-Arm for EVF
19. V-lock charger
20. 2 V-lock batteries
21. RED Tactical cage
Around 600-700 hours run time, great condition and well looked after. Had some cable damage to the V-lock adapter so I've been using a D-Tap cable which is included. Really enjoyed using this camera. Happy to provide more images.
Asking price £9,000 (London based collection only).


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