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FS: O'Connor O-Box WM matte box deluxe 3-stage 4"x4" & 4"x5.65"

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I am going to let go my mattebox set:

O'Connor O-Box WM matte box system deluxe 3-stage 4"x4" and 4"x5.65"
It comes with a GeckoCam-modified third stage, one of them rotatable
- top flag, side flages left/right (one fixing screw on top exchanged)
- 15mm & 19mm rod clamp
- 4x 4"x5.65" filterholder,
- 2x 4"x4" filterholder
- 110mm clamp donut
- 114mm rubber donut w/ holder inside for 138mm round filters (i.e. pola), rotatable
- 80mm screw-in adapter for rubber donut (adapts the 114mm down to 80mm)

800 EUR plus postage




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