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  1. Hey Philipp, you're still dealing with this issue? I made a couple of experiences with adapters and different PL mounts, so bottom line is: one of the best allround ARRI standard to PL adapters is the one of Les Bosher (300 GBP, totally worth it, small image) - it perfectly fits even the short ALEXA Mini PL mount and holds on lenses that need to revolve for focusing (that are quite some!). An old original ARRI PL-Adapter of mine (large pic) works equally fine on the ALEXA, but doesn't fit the Mini. The comparably cheap RAF adapters reflect the low price in lack of stability and usability - they dont't allow the revolving, because they are mounted by screws (attention for damage on the barrel!) fixed to the barrel - that might work for lenses with no need to revolve, but the day-to-day set routine demands a lot regarding stability...
  2. I'm looking for a Denz Kardan rig for shift & tilt use complete with a kit of lenses, preferably shorter focal lengths. Please feel free to email me (mail@matthiasfleischer.com) if you have on to let go, thank you.
  3. Hi Nick, would it be possible to access the pics somewhere without the need for creating a reduser account? Thanks
  4. Hi Andre, it's posted since a while, but is the Kenyon still available?
  5. Hi Gary, your Cooke set is still for sale? I would be happy to see some photos, would that be possible? Thank you in advance - Matt
  6. Hi, I think there is a groundglass for anamorphic shooting - probably not available at the rental house. An additional viewfinder extension would provide you with a desqueeze option - but if anyway you only need a desqueezed monitor image there are many monitors available with this option, for example the TVlogic 058w as a small one. Very important: the steadicam operator's monitor should provide this feature as well. Good luck in beautiful caucasus region!
  7. Hello Joe, a close friend of mine from Buenos Aires owns two SL mags, clean and nice in mint condition, used for some commercials by it's owner, does that spark your interest? best - Matthias
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