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Is there any trick to cleaning a Bolex eyepiece lens?

Al Debruin

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On the Bolex H-16 the eyepiece screws out and you can easily access the lens from the body side but how do you clean the eye side of the lens through that pinhole?
The lens is held in by some kind of clip but from past experience I'm weary of trying to remove that considering one false move may crack the glass.





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On 3/16/2023 at 11:34 PM, Simon Wyss said:

Push the whole group out with a drift pin.

Simon if you don't mind before I go ahead and try push the lens out could you please elaborate on the process, is there nothing more to it than just gently pushing with something like a thin wooden dowel, no need to remove what looks like a circlip that holds the lens in place?

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