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Adapting Zeiss 10-100mm t2 on Canon EF

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Hi all!

Im not sure if anyone has an answer to this, but its worth a shot:

I have a Zeiss Vario Sonnar 10-100mm t2 mk ii
And im using a Canon eos M (which record 3k raw in 3,33 crop).


My question is:
Can i adapt this lens on my Eos M via 3 adapters:

Arri B --> PL

PL --> EF

EF --> Eos M

Fotodiox make an adapter from PL to EF, and they state, that i will only work if there is no more than 7mm from the PL-mount to the bottom of the lens (look here https://fotodioxpro.com/products/pl-ef-p ) - but is that a problem, when i fit the lens on a EF --> Eos M adapter?

All the best


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I shot this Video on an FS7 with the Zeiss 10-100 into the Arri B-Mount 2x Mutar>Fotodiox Arri B to E Mount Adapter. I'd avoid using double mount conversion as the rear flange distance will be quite far out of spec and may decrease focusing performance. Best of luck. The 10-100 has some charm but the lens becomes a slow T4 20-200 zoom with an image circle that leaves vignetting on s35 sensors. 


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The easiest way to find out if a lens can be adapted without potential removal of lens material is to simply find the flange focal distance of your lens. If the flange focal distance of the lens you want to convert is longer than the required flange focal distance of the lens mount that is on your camera body, you can adapt the lens.

If the opposite happens you cannot adapt the lens unless either:

A.) The desired lens mount adapter diameter is wider than the lens housing diameter at it's widest point.

B.) Lens housing material is removed to compensate for the wrong flange focal distance.

C.) The lens is completely rehoused.

Then the issue becomes if you manage to adapt the lens, you then have to measure the amount of rear element that is sticking out past the new flange point to ensure the rear element is not protruding too far running into the shutter mirror or sensor when mounting.

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