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For Sale Angenieux Optimo 6 Prime Lens Set 21,28,40,50,75 & 135mm

Barbara Holler

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 Angenieux Optimo 6 Prime Lens Set 21,28,40,50,75 & 135mm Full Frame Optimo Prime Series

Well maintained purchased new in 2021 Asking $145,000.00

Will listen to serious offers!

Key Features
All These lenses are T1.8
Covers Full-Frame Sensors, PL Mount
Rear Filter Option, 320° Focus Rotation
Replaceable Iris Blade Unit and Optics
Cooke /i and LDS Metadata Support
Anamorphic Effect, Configurable Bokeh
Fast T1.8 Aperture
Entire Line Shares Same Colorimetry
Shared 95mm Front Diameter

Contact me for more details

Barbara Holler Call or Text 917-499-9596 or email barbara@newprovideo.com



Optimo 21mm-4.jpg

Optimo 21mm-5.jpg

Optimo 28mm.jpg

Optimo 28mm-8.jpg

Optimo 40mm.jpg

Optimo 40mm-4.jpg

Optimo 50mm.jpg

Optimo 50mm-6.jpg

Optimo 75mm-2.jpg

Optimo 75mm-5.jpg

Optimo 135mm-5.jpg

Optimo 135mm-2.jpg

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