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Lance Lucero

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This was a very challenging film project!  Three years in the making!  How do you bring 1700s France to Colorado?  Movie magic, of course...

Shot on film with a 16mm Aaton prototype of the Aaton 7 model and with a Double 8mm Keystone K 27 Capri.  Film stocks:  KODAK 500T 7279, 250D 7205, 500T 7219.

We pulled out all the stops to make this film spin-off the BOB: NON-UNION PSYCHIC graphic novel.  Many old-school film techniques were used in order to bring Coiffeur Extraordinaire - Waiting for Legros to life: shooting on real film, elaborate costumes, amazing wig constructs, miniatures, paper cutouts, green screen, live action, illustrations, still photography, digital effects, and more.

People are asking, "Where do I see the film?" Well, the film has just begun festival submissions, but a private online screener will be available to all those who buy the BOB: NON-UNION PSYCHIC graphic novel.  When you purchase the book, paperback or digital, you will receive a GOLDEN TICKET, which will grant you a link and password to watch the film.  The screener will be unlocked this Friday at 10:00am Mountain time.

Go here to get the book:  https://asapimagination.com/collections/bob

We can't wait to share this epic short film to our fans and colleagues!

Thank you for your support!  FILM ROCKS!


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Dear Lance Lucero,

Congratulations! Your film looks utterly fantastic. The colour is delicate, utterly beautiful, and wondrous! Your film spreads charm like that fairy dust! Might Coppola and Storaro have shot this together as film students? Old school—is the future!

Best of luck.


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