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  1. THE LAST RESORT short film (shot on film) is a FINALIST at the 2022 Summer Texas Short Film Festival. The film will screen July 30th in San Antonio at the Slab Cinema Arthouse 134 Blue Star, San Antonio, TX 78204. Yee-haw!
  2. Warehouse 9 Productions, Ltd. (W9) has its stock footage store up on POND5. 16mm and super ProRes files. If you need film stock footage for your projects, check it out! There's city, landscapes, airplanes, fire, and more. https://www.pond5.com/artist/ware9pro Thanks!
  3. I have never heard of this... I have recently shot with expired film. Kodak 50D - 7245, which was 26 years old, Kodak 500T - 7279, and Kodak 250D - 7205, which ranged from 6 to 8 years old. My biggest concern was how some of the film was stored. I owned the 7245 film and stored it in a cool dry place, so I figure it would be okay. I used the roll of 50D - 7245 to test a 16mm Aaton camera. I shot everything outside under perfect lighting conditions. I did have a polarizer filter on the lens. I set the camera to what the light meter specified and oped a stop to compensate for the polarizer filter. Aside from a little bit of extra grain structure because of the age of the film, the image was perfect. The conditions were the same for the 250D - 7205, so the results were the same. I knew that the grain structure of aged tungsten balanced film has a tendency to get more visible. I discovered this in the past when I had secured short ends and re-canned rolls for filming. Once again, I didn't know how the film was stored, so this was a gamble. The proper exposures were set, the image is solid, but the grain structure is evident. With the 500T - 7279, I followed all the photographic rules when filming. The scene was studio lit (daylight balanced LEDs) in front of green screen. I had an 85 filter on the lens, which means I opened an extra stop. When I scanned the film I did notice the it looked a bit under exposed and the grain was heavy. I had to denoise the footage, but there was really nothing I could do with the exposure. I mean, the image is still great, but I think I could have opened up another stop. In retrospect, I think the daylight film was fine playing by the rules, but with the tungsten, yeah, a half to a full extra stop might not hurt.
  4. REAL FILM at film festivals... Kind of makes sense, right? Well, not on the modern "film" festival circuit. Every film festival I have attended or been a part of the last five years (live or online) is primarily about HD. Usually I am the only filmmaker who shoots on film when my films play at a festival, unless the festival is truly specific to ACTUAL FILM, like the United States Super 8 Film and Digital Video Festival. You see how the title of the festival states FILM and digital video...? Recently I attended the 2022 Spring Austin Micro Film Festival. A really cool Festival! I had two experimental films play, WAITING FOR LEGROS and WAITING FOR LEGROS 2: THE EYE OF THE TIGER Both films shot on Super 8. I was surprised to see another film the was shot on film at the festival, and it was really good! I am pleased to announce that my latest short film THE UNMENTIONABLES (16mm, Tri-X 7266) will play at the 2022 Oregon Short Film Festival. I hope to see more films shot on film in the future! Don't give up on it!
  5. We rocked The Bug Theatre last night in downtown Denver! Our award winning western film (shot on film) THE LAST RESORT was a hit! What a great venue! The audience was amazing! So many questions about shooting on REAL FILM. There's nothing better than watching your film in a theater! FILM RULES! This film is deliverable ready.
  6. I have an early version of an Aaton 7. It has the same type of battery. I recently had the batteries re-celled and they work great.
  7. Did you tape your magazine...? I ALWAYS tape the openings of my magazine all the way up to the camera body. See the pic below.
  8. I like the look. But the subject matter is not for me... So happy to see film being used!
  9. The last two short films I shot, average 10 minutes each, I managed to use about 6 rolls of film. Average takes, two. I will have the performers rehearse the shot up to ten times if need be before I roll any film.
  10. I would recommend using an 85 filter. It will save you time and energy in post. Plus, your colors will look a lot better. I have recently shot some 500T 7219 with daylight LEDs. I used an 85 filter and the colors look amazing! This screen capture is of a shot that is color corrected, but not color graded. A simple white balance and minor contrast and black adjustments.
  11. I had a 4 on my light meter, but I opened it to 2.8 because I had the 85 filter on the camera. I had two 10,000 (daylight) lumen shop lights placed about 12 ft. away from the performer and one 1,000 (daylight) lumen bulb overhead for fill. I was about 4 ft. away from the performer filming with a zoom lens. Scanned at 2k. I am very pleased with this image. Great detail! You can see the whites of her eyes clearly. Blacks are blacks, whites are whites, no milky or muddiness. Film rocks!
  12. I have heard nothing about this... You just have to shop round. I recently bought new film from an outlet that was a few dollars cheaper than Kodak. Sometimes Kodak is a little cheaper than other outlets. It just depends.
  13. Wow! I love the look of this film stock! This is a shot from my new film COIFFEUR EXTRAORDINAIRE - WAITING FOR LEGROS. This film is a spinoff of my graphic novel BOB: NON-UNION PSYCHIC - THE BIG BOOK OF BOB VOL. 1., which is is out now! warehouse9pro.com. This film stock is very reliable and forgiving. I used daylight lighting and had an 85 filter on the lens. The shot has been color corrected, but not color graded to my liking just yet. FILM ROCKS!
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