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  1. Howdy all! My feature and a short are now in the festival circuit. HUNTING FOR FISH won best retro feature and THE LAST RESORT short has piled up some awards as well. Both are shot on film. Check out the trailers, if you will. https://warehouse9pro.com/w9-films/
  2. I'm currently filming a western, shot in the west (Colorado), on film. It's called THE LAST RESORT. Shooting with a Canon 1014XL-S. Filming it on Kodak Tri-X 7266. On location. So far, the film looks amazing! This is a Warehouse 9 Production. I wish I could post a picture, but the image requirements are too small... I don't have a teaser yet, but check out my other film projects. https://vimeo.com/user2463860
  3. I had my entire 16mm negative scanned to 1080p 2kish (I say 2Kish because it's not really 2K, but it's close) last year for my feature film that I shot back in 1997. I kept my negative in a cool dry place for years, so it is in perfect shape. The parameters of the image are fixed, there is no "blowing up" of the image. I was absolutely amazed at how gorgeous the image looked! It changed the looks of the film, in a good way. I had all of my rolls converted to an mov. file. Everything looks fabulous. When I transferred the negative, I did not have any kind of color correction perform
  4. I tend to add more rim lighting to a female.
  5. Shot this feature many years ago. Just finished totally re-mastering the film. 16mm. Arriflex BL. I'm currently soliciting and marketing the film. Man, it's hard to get noticed in this era of the HD invasion... FILM RULES!
  6. Been shooting a lot of super 8 lately. Sankyo Super LXL 255. Canon 814. Just acquired a Canon 1014XL-S and a Sears C-129. Using film stocks - Kodak 200T, 100D. All the cameras are in working order. Check out the test footage here - https://vimeo.com/user2463860 and here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTrl1YXeP_2Uem4wl0tRDPA My tests are a bit more elaborate than most camera film tests... Follow are subscribe! Let's share!
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