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  1. I would recommend using an 85 filter. It will save you time and energy in post. Plus, your colors will look a lot better. I have recently shot some 500T 7219 with daylight LEDs. I used an 85 filter and the colors look amazing! This screen capture is of a shot that is color corrected, but not color graded. A simple white balance and minor contrast and black adjustments.
  2. I had a 4 on my light meter, but I opened it to 2.8 because I had the 85 filter on the camera. I had two 10,000 (daylight) lumen shop lights placed about 12 ft. away from the performer and one 1,000 (daylight) lumen bulb overhead for fill. I was about 4 ft. away from the performer filming with a zoom lens. Scanned at 2k. I am very pleased with this image. Great detail! You can see the whites of her eyes clearly. Blacks are blacks, whites are whites, no milky or muddiness. Film rocks!
  3. I have heard nothing about this... You just have to shop round. I recently bought new film from an outlet that was a few dollars cheaper than Kodak. Sometimes Kodak is a little cheaper than other outlets. It just depends.
  4. Wow! I love the look of this film stock! This is a shot from my new film COIFFEUR EXTRAORDINAIRE - WAITING FOR LEGROS. This film is a spinoff of my graphic novel BOB: NON-UNION PSYCHIC - THE BIG BOOK OF BOB VOL. 1., which is is out now! warehouse9pro.com. This film stock is very reliable and forgiving. I used daylight lighting and had an 85 filter on the lens. The shot has been color corrected, but not color graded to my liking just yet. FILM ROCKS!
  5. Arri BL! Awesome! I shot my first feature film with that camera!
  6. The award winning western short film (shot on film) THE LAST RESORT will be playing FOUR times in December! 12/01/2021, FlickFair virtually. flickfair.com 12/04/2021, L.A. Comic Con. If you are going to be at the con, head over to screening room 405! 12/9-12/2021, The Denver premiere - Denver Underground film Festival. Check the website for locations, times, and ticket info. https://www.duffcinema.org/ 12/18-19/2021, Comic Con Revolution Ontario (CA). Seriously, this is huge! If you have a chance, check out this film! Oh, if there are any distributors that are not afraid of REAL film, this picture is DELIVERABLE READY.
  7. I have been recently shooting 500T. I'm filming in a small studio in my basement (12'x12') with LED shop lights (two of them, about 10,000 lumens each). I have an 85 filter on the lens. Average light meter reading is a 5.6 or 4. Whatever my light meter readings are, I always open a stop because of the filter. The image is SOLID. If possible, try and throw a bit more light in the room.
  8. I finally got the film back and it looks great! What a fun camera!
  9. The award winning western short film (shot on film) THE LAST RESORT will play at the Los Angeles Comic Con December 3rd. If you're going to attend the con, swing on over to the Geekfest screening area and check out the film and other great movies! By the way, distributors, this film is DELIVERABLE READY. Do not fear film!
  10. Correction... DUFF has been rescheduled. There is not an exact schedule of what is playing on what days yet... The festival venues and times are as follows: Thursday December 9 Althea Center Auditorium 1400 N Williams St, Denver, CO 80218 Filmmakers reception: 6:00 PM Show Time: 7:00 PM Free parking available at the venue. The auditorium is located downstairs. No ADA access available. Saturday and Sunday December 11 and 12 Foss Auditorium at the American Mountaineering Center 710 10th Street Golden, CO 80401 Schedule for both nights: Filmmakers reception: 6:00 PM Show Time: 7:00 PM The auditorium is located in the second floor. No ADA access available.
  11. Hey! THE LAST RESORT short film (shot on film) is an Official Selection of the Denver Underground Film Festival - 2021. The film will play November 19th! FINALLY, a Denver premiere! Some hometown love!
  12. My go to mic for Foley recording was a Sennheisser 416. The last mic I used for recording dialog and Foley was a cheap Insignia USB Recording Microphone. Cost about $40. It worked just fine. I used the mic for my short film (shot on film) THE LAST RESORT. I shot the film on Super 8 with no sound. All the sound was recorded and designed by me at Warehouse 9. I used a lot of canned sound effects as well. The sound of the film is great! Here's the trailer:
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