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Any experiences removing Chrosziel zoom damper ring

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I have a lovely Angénieux 9.5-57mm zoom lens here that has an additional Chrosziel zoom damper ring attached. Not sure if my terminology is right, I imagine this would work similar to a follow focus with gears etc.

Since I have no use for this ring and it makes the lens more bulky and heavy than necessary, I tried to remove it. The only accessible screw is the slotted one closer to the lens mount seen in the picture. This loosens the ring, but I don't see how to move it off the lens. I'm not even sure if the lens's original zoom ring is still under it, or if the Chrosziel's directly attached to the mechanics of the lens.

Does anyone of you have any experience in removing such a thing? Any tips will be appreciated.



23-04-30 15-54-28 8215 Large Medium.jpeg

23-04-30 15-55-35 8219 Large Medium.jpeg

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