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Arri Alexa ( 35 and mini lf ) vs Sony Venice

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"When selecting between the Sony Venice and Arri Alexa 35 or Mini LF for their respective projects, what key factors do DPs consider? Furthermore, could you please explain the differences in terms of look, color, and skin tones between these cameras in detail? Thank you."

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Hello, Sushanta 

Digital camera choice can come down to various choices all of the cameras you mentioned have amazing capabilities. When deciding between both cameras I'd go to to the manufacturers site and determine the "specs" of the camera. Specs that are important within digital cinematography is: dynamic range (per each iso), color science (skin tone rendition), fps, resolution as needed for deliverables 4.6k being Alexa 35/ Venice being 6k. All of these decisions have something to due with budget and what the story calls for. Another considerable factor is weight and maneuverability depending how you are moving the camera. Personally I'd go with ARRI just because I'm used to the ecosystem and ARRI color science. Best way to determine the difference is to utilize the test footage provided or do your own tests if feasible. Determine what works best for you....

Hope this was helpful.

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