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RED Digital Cinema Introduces New KOMODO-X

Sue Smith

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RED DIGITAL CINEMA® revealed its KOMODO-X camera today — the newest addition to RED’s popular KOMODO line of small form-factor 6K global shutter sensor cameras for cinema. KOMODO-X builds on the original KOMODO, multiplying frame rates and advancing dynamic range performance while expanding on the versatility of KOMODO. 

KOMODO-X features a next-generation 6K S35 Global Shutter sensor, expanding on the renowned KOMODO image performance with architecture improvements that allow for increased low-light performance and double the frame rates at 6K 80P and 4K 120P, making KOMODO-X an even more powerful tool for filmmakers across the industry. 
KOMODO-X is currently being offered in a limited-edition white ST beta version for $9,995 via RED.com or through any of RED’s premium resellers. The black production version of KOMODO-X will be available to order at the same price shortly after the ST beta program ends. The black production version of KOMODO-X will be sold with options for a pre-bundled starter pack or production pack. 

The KOMODO-X features improvements to seamlessly integrate into any professional workflow while still maintaining the legacy of the small KOMODO form factor at only 4”x4”x5” and 2.62 lbs. The new I/O array features 12G SDI, full-sized DC-IN, USB Type-C, and a phantom powered locking audio connector. In addition, an integrated 2.9” LCD allows for simplified control and image preview, and for even more precise monitoring, KOMODO-X also supports the direct-mounted DSMC3 7” Touch LCD. 

“We are excited to welcome the KOMODO-X into the new lineup of RED cameras, joining the original KOMODO and the rest of the DSMC3 family,” said RED President Jarred Land. “With its global shutter, increased frame rates and improved audio and power infrastructure, the KOMODO-X is our new all-around workhorse that fills a much-needed gap in our lineup between the 6K KOMODO and our mighty 8K V-RAPTOR.”
The new system also shares many features with the flagship DSMC3 lineup, including compatibility with CFexpress, an integrated micro-V-Lock power plate, and a reinforced RF lens mount. The new micro V-lock power option allows for direct attachment of professional micro-V-Lock batteries without the need for adapters. Additional compatibility with the soon-to-be-released RED PRO I/O Module provides auxiliary power outputs and compatibility with full-sized batteries. The new module will be available when the production black version of KOMODO-X launches in V-lock or Gold Mount versions. In addition, a reinforced RF lens mount with locking mechanism on the KOMODO-X maintains the flexibility of switching between multiple lens mount types without a tool, while providing the stability and rigidity professionals need. KOMODO-X is fully compatible with /i PL lenses using the RED RF to PL adapters. 

Additionally, KOMODO-X provides a robust platform for shooters working in IP-based workflows. With integrated USB Type-C connection and built-in Wi-Fi, there are multiple options to remotely control the camera using RED Control or RED Control Pro, as well as IP media offloading using FTPS or in-camera cloud uploading functionality. KOMODO-X also supports frame-accurate PTP synchronization or tri-level genlock sensor sync with the ability to offset on the fly to support multi-camera LED volume productions. 
"We are looking forward to sharing the groundbreaking KOMODO-X with our community of filmmakers and partners,” adds RED Executive Vice President Tommy Rios. “This newest addition to the KOMODO family will be available globally through our network of premium dealers and respected rental houses or at RED.com. KOMODO-X, V-RAPTOR, V-RAPTOR XL, and KOMODO are an incredibly powerful and versatile lineup for filmmakers, and it is going to be exciting to see what the community of RED users continues to create with them.” 

KOMODO-X supports RED Connect, a licensed feature that allows for live broadcasting of 6K images directly from the camera over IP, expanding RED’s cinematic imagery into boundless new uses. 

RED also announced multiple new accessories that are compatible with the new KOMODO-X system and other cameras in the RED lineup. 

•    REDVOLT NANO-V ($275) 
•    RED Compact Top Handle provides a compact handle solution for KOMODO-X users ($539) 
•    RED KOMODO and V-RAPTOR RF to PL with Electronic ND Filter Adapter Packs are compatible with either the KOMODO systems or V-RAPTOR and integrates the same precise electronic ND control used in the V-RAPTOR™ XL into a robust PL mount solution. ($3,500) 
•    KOMODO-X is also compatible with many original generation KOMODO accessories, including KOMODO Wing Grip and Outrigger Handle. 

Customers can place orders starting today for the KOMODO-X ST, REDVOLT NANO-V batteries, RED Compact Top Handle, or the KOMODO or V-RAPTOR RF to PL w/ Electronic ND Filter Adapter Packs. 
The black KOMODO-X and its starter and production packs, the V-lock and Gold Mount versions of RED Pro I/O Module will all be available upon completion of the ST beta program. 

Stay in touch with RED social channels for more information on all the latest product releases. 


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Pity, people nowadays are closing their own lives "swimming in their own fishbowl on Facebook or anything else year after year" rather than these dedicated forums like before (reduser.net is a pale resemblance today of those days when people were used to come here to bash Jim... oh who doesn't miss them now? : )


On 5/16/2023 at 7:03 PM, Sue Smith said:

Stay in touch with RED social channels for more information on all the latest product releases.


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