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  1. Hello, I'm selling: - A handgrip variable speed motor. 16 Volts. Looks used but performs perfectly. Pictures available. Sold 75 euros with its fixing screws. - A tachometer for Arriflex 35 IIB / IIC. Part in excellent cosmetic and performing condition. Sold without gear; You have to unscrew the gear on your old tachometer and take it in place ot this one. Price : 50 euros. Pictures available for all items. Gregory PAUL gregory@abc-concept.com France
  2. Hello, I'm selling: - a Kinoptik 18 APOCHROMAT lens f1.8, ARRIFLEX standard mount. Minimum focus distance: 0.25m. Stop from 1.8 to 22. Serial 89425. Cosmetically good. Focus and stop ring runs smoothly. There's a small play in the stop ring, but nothing really wrong. Front and back lenses are in excellent shape. Very neat lens. Sold with front and back caps and a screwing Kinoptik 85 filter. This is a 35mm prime lens. Asked price 100 euros. - An ANGENIEUX 35mm ZOOM: 35-140mm f:3,5. Minimum focus distance 1,5m, stop from 3,5 to 22. Serial 1157872. ARRIFLEX Standard mount. Looks used but cosmetically good. Every rings run smothly. Front glass with small cleaning marks. Asked price : 100 euros. Picture available, feel free to ask for them. Gregory PAUL France
  3. Hello Mitch, Thanks for your reply. Mhm, Two stops... This small thing seems to be light greedy ! Thanks again. Gregory
  4. Hello there, I'd like to know the Super 16 compatibility of these two zooms: - Zeiss 10-100mm T3 - Kinor 10-100mm 16OPF12 From which focal these zooms cover Super 16 ? Thanks Gregory
  5. Hello, I saw over the web a Zeiss Mutar doubler with Arri bayonet mount. I was wondering if it was usable and if that doubler is well made so that we could expect a good picture quality using it. Also, I was wondering, How many stop do we loss using it ? And finally I saw many time a text written on the bayonet mount saying: "For the SR only". Is it forbidden to use such a doubler on another camera ?? Will my aaton blow up if I use that extender on it ;) (with an Arri to Aaton adapter of course) Any advice is welcome ! Thanks Gregory
  6. Hello there, The 10-100 zoom available for the Kinor seems to be very interesting. About the Super 16 covering... Stoop said 20-25mm and Sean, 50mm only. Altough, I saw elsewhere somebody saying 20mm. I don't know what to think... :-) Could somebody confirm the Super 16 covering. Maybe it depends of the lens version ? Another question, I don't know the Kinor camera at all; how is the mount for this camera ? Can the lenses made for that camera usable on others. Is the Kinor camera mount compatible or close to another one ? Thanks, Best regards Gregory
  7. Hello there, I'm also interested in this topic and kinoptik prime lenses. I have contacted Kinoptik many times about Super 16 lenses to get information from them and obtained a reply each time, in french altough. So if you're in need for information, feel free to send me your questions and I'll be glad to translate it in french and to send them it. Gregory France :)
  8. For those who could be interested, here is the kind reply obtained from Filmotec: "In regarding to your inquiry to ORWO NP78 I have to inform there are not much information about this film. I have not technical information or any data sheets. It seems the NP78 is a variety of ORWO NP7, produced in beginning of 90th of last century. I assume the base was acetate. The speed of NC7 was ISO 400/27° ." since it is not sold anymore, they don't know much about this film but I was plesaed to receive a reply anyway. Altough the Orwo NP78 speed is: 320/26° (as mentioned on my film can) Gregory
  9. Hello, I'm looking for a second hand Arrriflex 2C door, in very good condition. Please make offer: greg-paul@wanadoo.fr
  10. Hello Charles, Thanks for your reply. I've sent a mail to filmotec. Wait and see ! Regards
  11. Hello, thanks for your mind. I mainly want to use that lens for shooting landscapes and skies. Do you think it could be better than the Angenieux 25-250 or will it give about the same results than it ? I could read that the 25-250 is not really loved over there, and I'm brand new to all these old lenses. Thanks again Gregory
  12. Hello, I've just bought a used Arri 35 2B. It came with an old Angenieux 35-140mm zoom lens. Has anybody already used such a zoom ? Is it still usable nowadays ?? I'm not so sure... <_< I've tried to do a search with google and I found a guy who used one with a modified Olympus still photography camera. He seemed to be happy with it, but I'd be very surprised if it ould give good pictures... Any feedback appreciated !! thanks Gregory
  13. Hi there, Anybody know the ORWO NP78 film stock ? I've been offered a NP78 roll that I want to buy for mag scratch tests and maybe for registration tests and so on... I'd like to know this film's specifications and to be sure that it has an acetate support to run it into my camera. Thanks for help. Merry Christmas !!! Gregory
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