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  1. i'm looking for an arri sr3 body...just the body...it's gonna be a 5 day shoot for a very very low budget student short...does anybody know how i can find an arri sr3 body for five days for a very low price or for free:)???
  2. i'm gonna shoot a scene in the sound stage apartment and in the scene the big window is gonna be seen from the front....i'm gonna light it from outside the window as if it is sun light coming in and the apartment is supposed to be somewhere at the top floors...i don't wanna see outside cos it's in the sund stage and i don't have anything to put outside the window...and it's gonna be in the shot for a while....should i blow it out?i am not really sure how i can do it...if i should blow it out how many stops should i overexpose it?i am open to any suggestions...help please!!!!:)
  3. hi; i'm gonna shoot a short on 16mm and there is this character who is actually a guarding angel.it takes place in a bar, the guy is a bartender...i want him to look a little bit godly, holy and wise but not too obvious...how would you light it?please give me some suggestions...so far i was thinking to light him from the top with a white light more like kiefer sutherland in lost boys...but i am not really sure how i can do it technically and with what equipment...suggestions please:)
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