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  1. Alan... thanks for the supportive and respectful post. We also have the highest respect for Dalsa. Couple of points. While Dalsa may know most of the fab houses, I am sure that there are sensor design teams that you and others are not aware of (ours is just one example). I do agree with almost everything else you said. We will show 4k footage in the fall. That is where we will have to earn credibility. We are fully prepared. Our test slice sensor gives us tremendous confidence that we will not disappoint. BUT... until we provide the footage there is room for legitimate questions about our capability. As for recording technology, no question that 4k is off camera (at least not in our SATA slot. And best 2k solution will likely be off camera as well. But we have a clear shot at providing an incredible on camera 2k solution. Remember, we have an on camera flash program as well as a drive option. And until one sees our codec program, it may seem hard to figure out why we are so excited. We'll announce the codec about the same time as we release 4k footage. Another thing to consider, with our cage setup, we can add hefty "on camera" recording solutions that will handle tons of data. But it won't be done in a 2.5" SATA housing. The modularity and flexibility of our program sets us apart from the current offerings in my humble opinion. As for post, you are again absolutely correct. All of our partners will have announced programs before we ever ship the 1st unit. I appreciate your generous offer to work together. All of us are in the same boat. Jim
  2. The camera will NOT be "shiny" aluminum as the prototype we showed at NAB. We said over and over that the production model would be a coated magnesium alloy, but that didn't seem to get picked up by the press. My fault. We made matters worse by showing a silver prototype on our website. That will be changed in a couple of days to matte black. One of the strengths of our sensor is dynamic range. We quote >66db and think we can do a bit better with some tweaking. The sensor really is amazing. 4k at 60 fps. It is also very light sensitive with 5.4 micron pixels. The only way to get all of these advantages is with an innovative and LARGE sensor.
  3. Thanks for the comments... the beginning of many we hope. All post solutions will be announced prior to the 1st camera being shipped. No surprises or empty promises.
  4. RED ONE will not have a mechanical shutter nor an optical finder although it will have Surroundview, which allows you to see 10% outside the recoding area. We also have several new "tricks" for focusing that we can talk about in the fall when the 1st 4k footage is presented. Additionally, we are working on a mechanical shutter body with optical finder, but it would be released in the future and will carry with it a significant increase in price. All accessories will work with both bodies.
  5. I fully understand why there are some who think this project will never happen... sounds too good to be true? We are in development of this camera and will get to the finish line. We made a conscious decision to release news of our project early for two reasons. In the inverse order, we needed time for people to become comfortable with the name and program. Call it marketing if you like. That works fine. But the real reason we came out during development was to listen to the community for ideas that we could incorporate into the 1st release. Many complain, including myself, the the "big" companies just don't listen. We are here to listen. And we have already added several key features to our program based on comments made in forums like this one... We are keeping our eyes and ears open everywhere possible. So if you are skeptical, fine. No problem with that. But please realize that clogging up the message boards with "it is a scam" doesn't help with the real purpose of these boards... to pass along ideas, tips, and information. We are listening. Jim Jannard- RED
  6. I think with over 300 reservations taken in 4 days at NAB there might be some justification for this subforum. RED is not Kinetta. I wouldn't assume that because one project hasn't been completed, no project can be completed. Our project is already better having listened to "forum suggestions" over the last 4 months. It would be a shame to cut off input here when they actually matter. Just a thought. Jim Jannard- RED
  7. Other than "wishful thinking" from those forum members, it was stated that $4k was NOT reasonable and there was never a mention from the RED team about a "decent lens" included.
  8. Jim Jannard

    RED Camera

    I hope this camera is achievable... we are working overtime and throwing a lot of resources at the project. We have great intentions to deliver a camera that is measurably more capable than what is currently available or that we see on the horizon from other companies. We have added some great industry consultants as "adult supervision" to our other assets to do such a project. We currently have a great design team, optical and electronic engineers, 3D CAD modeling, liquid laser prototype equipment, electron beam gun vapor deposition machines. 5 axis mills, full testing capability, a titanium casting plant and a strong sense that we can make it to the end of the line. The foundation of our project is a very innovative sensor. Specs are incredible. We hope that we can help make 2006 a very interesting year. Jim Jannard www.red.com 4k@red.com
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