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  1. I saw it and liked it a lot! The story could have been "tighter" but what can you expect from a Megan Fox movie. Otherwise I found it immensely enjoyable.
  2. So I gather that you don't get a mint 35mm copy of the film as some actors have written in their contracts :)
  3. I got to hand it to Michael Mann. Using the EX1 for a 80 million dollar production is unusual, but it could be very interesting in terms of visual texture and look.
  4. Arni Heimir

    Super 35

    If money is not an issue then I would go for the master primes. Its sharpness will compensate for the lesser image size over anamorphic. However, Cookes will do fine.
  5. This quote seems a little high. I could imagine producers getting away with paying a lot less.
  6. hi, what company are you working for?
  7. I didn't know Zeiss had new lenses coming. Sounds exciting though. Any sources I could look at?
  8. I feel that everybody is entitled to their own opinion. But I see real aesthetics with digital motion blur, smearing, available/low light and blown out high lights. Plus, I think that Miami Vice and Collateral were well photographed because it served the story.
  9. I haven't posted here for a long time. But I just saw the trailer and thought it look brilliant! In fact, I think it is more interesting as a period piece because it is in HD.
  10. Digital is certainly cheaper. But remember that you get what you pay for.
  11. But wouldn't the 30 frames per second be a problem in post?
  12. Wait a minute. I don't understand. Can DSLR camera shoot 24 frames per second for unlimited time?
  13. You can never go wrong with the Arriflex 765 -- If I were shooting porn. I'd go big!
  14. Not one of my favorite films. But I wouldn't go as far as the above statement. I kind of liked the Casino lighting in that film.
  15. If this last statement is directed towards my previous post; that wasn't my meaning. I never meant that Batman was Bush and Cheney was Lucious Fox. What I meant was the Joker is essentially a terrorist. And Batman ignores certain civil liberties in favour of capturing the Joker.
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