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  1. Vitozonchello and Phil Connolly, thank you so much for your kind answers! I read the article about "28 Days Later" which in American Cinematographer. But I think they used anamorphic adapter for shooting. I decided using 1:1.66 mask on 4:3. What about that? Will it be good for short film? I'm planning send my film to some festivals. I'm waiting your answers. :rolleyes:
  2. Hi everyone! I'm new in here. And this is my first message in this forum. I'm going to start shooting a short film a few days later but I'm confused. Must I shoot 4:3 mode and finish 4:3 mode too? Or must I shoot 4:3 mode and then I mask to 16:9 mode in premier? Which one is logical? I'm thinking about transfering dv to film later. And is logical second way which I saidl? I'm not sure.. :unsure: Is anyone know 28 days later is recorded in 4:3 mode? And then how could be wide in theaters? Did they masked in editing program? Thanks..
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