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  1. **Wasp 100-C has been SOLD** Price drop to $1400 USD for the Zacuto Graticle
  2. Price drop to $1600 USD for the Zacuto Graticle HD. Also, pictures:
  3. Up for sale is my Hive Wasp 100-C LED light from the original Kickstarter campaign, as well as my Zacuto Graticle HD EVF. Both have hardly been used and are in basically perfect shape. Hive Lighting Wasp 100-C Condition: Some very, very minor scuffs and scratches on the chassis. Includes: Wasp 100-C light with stanard 5/8" receiver yoke, AC/DC power adapter, barn doors, standard reflector, scrim kit, A/B "Gold" battery mount kit Price: $800 USD (plus shipping) Zacuto Graticle HD Condition: Perfect. I cannot find any signs of use on the chassis or the optics. Includes: Graticle HD EVF, battery, battery charger, international adaptors for charger, box Price: $1800 USD (plus shipping) (Photos to come) Payment through Paypal only (or in person if you are local) and I will ship anywhere. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks for looking! -Matt
  4. There's a nice one in the Fellowship of the Rings. It's a little different cause there isn't much in the foreground (It's just a road) so it's not as obvious as others I've seen. It's probably been done before, but it's the first I've see it done this way.
  5. No, I havn't taken that workshop but I hope to sit in on as much of it as I can this summer (I'm spending my summer there as an intern) If I was gonna take one workshop there that would be it. Plus, I'm not sure how long the Arri workshop is, but the one in Maine is a FULL 6 days. And there is the added bonus of covering Panavision cameras as well. They rent out a few different models of each brand, so you get a little variety. Good luck, Matt
  6. There's a Camera Assistants workshop at The Workshops in Maine (www.theworkshops.com). It covers both Panavision and Arri cameras.
  7. Wow, Thanks for the detailed response Phil! Perhaps I should have made my intentions a little bit clearer, but the advice is still valuble nonetheless. The main thing I would be seeking overseas is the oportunity to live and work in a different culture for some extended amount of time, not necessarily experience in film/tv. Right now is the perfect time in my life to do so, due to certain circumstances. I know that I can volunteer/intern at rental houses in Toronto untill I'm blue in the face, but Toronto ain't London, and I've been to Toronto way too many times. However, I did think it would be a bonus if I was able to work in a position more in-line with my career path. I had no idea that that was the situation in London. I did, however know how expensive it can be. Do you think that Australia may fit my requirements a little more closely? Again, thank you very much for you response. Cheers, Matt Edwards-Davies
  8. This probably isn't the best place to post this, but since we're on the topic of u.k. and work... (Not editing work though...) Although I live in Canada I can fairly easily obtain a working visa for the u.k. for about two years, and I was considering heading over there sometime in the next year. BUT, I do have some questions of course for people (especially Phil) that work/live in the u.k. BTW I have little to no experience, and I'm not expecting to make any money... but I wouldn't head over there without knowing the basics about camera loading/cleaning etc. Obviously London is the epicenter for production over there, but is there much work in other big cities like Edinburgh, Glasgow, Belfast or Dublin? Are there any big-ish rental houses that accept volunteers or interns? (Either in or outside of London). I'm not expecting to be a 1st AC or anything (Or even 2nd) but I was hoping to spend time in/around rental houses and maybe as a Camera Assistant Trainee (If such a position even opens up much over there) Any thoughts on how plausible this is or any advice would be great! Thanks in advance, Matt Edwards-Davies
  9. Hey guys (and girls), In a couple of weeks I'm heading to the International Film & TV Workshops in Rockport, Maine to do an Internship and was wondering what the general opinion of that place is in the industry. If anyone here has gone there, or known people who have attended/taught workshops there I would appreciate any thoughts on how valuble time there is, etc. Thanks a lot!
  10. I talked to a friend of mine who used to be a projectionist, and he said chances were that the projector bulb was about to go. The xenon bulbs they use there start to flicker in their dying days before they explode. He also told me that the company who runs the theater (Famous Players for any Canadians out there...) prefers that due to the cost of replacing bulbs, that staff squeezes out every last bit of life out of them, which means letting them explode. This is apparently cheaper than the cost of all the free movie passes they have to give out as a result of the failed bulb, and repairing any damage to the projector...
  11. I caught this flick a couple of days ago at a local multiplex, and I noticed a number of problems with the projection. Although I understand how projectors work, I'm not experienced enough to know immediately what caused the problems. The first one I noticed was there seemed to be a pin-resistration problem of some kind; the opening titles did a little bit of jumping around, and were not smooth. The second, and most annoying, was a very noticible flicker, which was especially visible in exteriors and any bright scenes. At first I thought the projector might be running at a slightly lower frame-rate, but there wasn't any audio-sync issues or any noticible change in pitch (the theater runs dolby digital FYI). What could be the cause of this? I also noticed that the movie appeared soft at times. It wasn't very consistent though, and I know this particular theater uses platters. The last two problems I just chalk up to poor projection staff. One was a thin black line on the right hand side of the frame, which was not opaque, and the film was visible beneath it. (I just realised that this very-well could have been the movie being projected onto the black mask... hmm). And the final problem was the top-left corner of the screen was noticably darker than the rest of the frame. The theater does have slightly curved screens, which I thought was to avoid problems like this at the sides and corners... Any thoughts you guys might have on these issues would be great; I'm trying to soak up as much info about as many things as I can. As I said, I'm still just learning, and this forum has been an invaluble resource so far. Thanks guys!
  12. Would the mag be able to mount as a hard drive via the SATA interface? Provided of course that it uses a standard file system...
  13. If you don't want it I'll take it...
  14. This should fill you in on most things you need to know about the format: Sony Betacam SX Brochure
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