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  1. I recently purchased k-3 but it has a bayo mount and so i was wondering if it's possible to buy the m42 mount itself and fit it? again this has probably been discussed before, so my apoligies. Cheers
  2. zanardi

    K-3 motor question

    i've tied to add a picture, but i think its becuase my profile is low, i only joined recently, can i get the link to maunels at tobin i can't find them
  3. zanardi

    K-3 motor question

    does anybody know what this is, its on the side of my tcm for my k-3 and i'm dying to know well, i don't know if it can be seen but its a port on the side on the tobin crystal motor of my k-3, and i don't have a manuel with it i thought that maybe someone who has a tobin on another 16mm would be able to shed some light on the subject
  4. zanardi

    K-3 motor question

    does anybody know what this is, its on the side of my tcm for my k-3 and i'm dying to know
  5. Can someone please give an extensive description or picture/photo guide to loading the k-3, cause i just go mine all the way from across the world and am dubious about sending it back to be repaired if i break it. thx
  6. ok, some dumb newbie questions, can a k-3 be mounted on a tripod? where and what is a registration numbers purpose, and should i ask to view it on an after winning an ebay sale if no picture is availbe?
  7. Since i'm starting out i'm looking for the best package and it seems to require a few things. Must be able to have a motor and battery, 400' mag, super 16, and decent lense mount. I rather not debate what makes a good package but find out what cine cameras can offer these things and what price, like i know the Eclair acl can pretty much forfil these, and the same later arri's, bolex of course but what others?
  8. zanardi

    K3 quesions

    Last question thanks for the replies, is there anywhere that you can get k-3 mags, or get the loader enlarger etc like a special modification shop, because i would really prefer a larger anyone know of anywhere i know of the k-2 or k-1 mags but no k-3?
  9. zanardi

    K3 quesions

    thank you all of you for your responses and the speed of them, just another question, what is the variable speeds on a k-3, and with an arri bayo mount what selection of lenses might i be able to use as an example? thx
  10. zanardi

    K3 quesions

    I've read that the k-3 can only take daylight spools, can someone explain the full ramifications of this, since i'm not completely sure of the what that means, no tungsten film? no nifght shooting etc etc
  11. zanardi

    K3 quesions

    thx for the fast response, just looking at your site in fact, did you shoot that winterize music video with the k-3?
  12. zanardi

    K3 quesions

    I on the fringes of buying a k3 and was wondering what they are actually made of, the images i see off ebay and general seem to show that they are built of plastic, something that i personally am not keen to shell out cash for, and since i'm fairly new ot 16mm, i thought i get even further out of my depth and ask what an arri bayo mount can offer, i imagine arri sr lenses or something like that, and what is the benefit of a pl mount, what lenses does it offer? thx
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