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  1. Hi, All items are located in Vancouver, Canada and ready to ship immediately. Or come pick it up 🙂 Includes all items listed below. Priced to move at $7000.00 US PLUS Shipping (FOB Vancouver, B.C. Canada) OConnor 2575B System Includes 2575B Head with Mitchell and 150mm bowl base, Innerspace Hard Case Euro and Standard top plate, Single extendable pan arm, Tie downs for Mitchell and 150mm Some kind of EVF bracket I've never used 150mm bowl OConnor Legs with internal mid - spreader Tuffpak Tripod Case for 150mm sticks Mitchell Hi Hat Mitchell Lo Hat 2nd Owner. It was last used as a C camera/Long Lens by an IATSE operator and never had any complaints. The 150mm O'Connor Legs and Hi Hat, Lo Hat are almost brand new. (Selling because Im shooting run n gun with 1030HDS). Items Located in Vancouver, BC CANADA $7000 USD does NOT include shipping. Thanks for looking ! Brian Broz
  2. Hi, I am doing some testing with the HVX200, but since the users of Varicam tend to have more cinematography and "real world" experience I thought I'd ask here. Forgive me, but the HVX forums tend to have more of an XL-H1 vs JVC vs Sony tone rather than technical discussions. I have done some tests with the HVX trying to shoot a city skyline (night time) with a noticeable streaking of headlight/taillights of cars going by. I tried 12FPS, 8FPS, 1F per 10 sec etc and neither had the look I was looking for. All shot at 1/15 Shutter. I am a video guy (shooting for 10 years) but the option of variable framerate and timelapse with the HVX200 is very exciting.... The look I'm trying to achieve is the city skyline in focus, but the highway/bridge in the foreground with cars essentially creating a constant streak of taillights/headlights. I can't seem to wrap my head around which way to continue my experiments. Everything I have tried looks ok, but essentially smoothly fast forwarded video. Some samples I've seen of the Varicam have displayed the look I want to achieve. Essentially tail and headlights would form a constant line...not choppy in any way. I assume slow shutter will help, but other than that I'm looking for suggestions. I'll owe some Canadian beer to someone who can help me out!!!! Cheers, Brian Broz www.llsr.com
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