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  1. thanks so much, i think this will take care of the problem... i didnt kow about the hypergain function... thanks, adam k.
  2. More on the problem... even in light places there is some crawling... also what is the best way to shoot without getting artifacts with our camera... i think this might have something to do with the problem that im facing...
  3. hi, i recently did a shoot using the sony z1u, it is a somewhat dim scene... the subject was lit at a f4... i hate grainy footage, who doesnt, so before the shoot i turned the gain switch to off on the side of the camera and used manual controls, but when i got home the footage was all grainy and not just in the dark areas... to other z1 users, is there some automatic gain override that i need to turn off, do i have to go into the menu's and turn off some gain override control to get completely gain free footage. i really like the picture and colors of this camera but something is not right when areas of my shots are crawling... has anybody else had this problem... i will try to post a screenshot to show you guys what im talking about... thanks, adam k.
  4. hi i am also about to shoot some on green screen, i know a little about stops and all that, but i need to get something straigt.... so if i light my subject at 5.6 then i need to light my screen at a 4 stop. is this correct.... im trying to get a low lighting on my subject so will the green screen be lit up enough even if i go 1 stop under the low key light..... thanks, adam
  5. Thanks you guys, i had a friend in the business that told me to shoot the smoke against a well lit green screen and then composite that into your other footage keeping them both clean and seperate, and then adding them together in post... what do you guys think? thanks, Adam jon kennedy
  6. hi, i am trying to achieve a certain shot that i dont know is possible... i am shooting a film noir setting of a detective in his office, he is hunched over his desk rolling a cigar. what i want is a side shot with the green screen behind him, and here's the tricky part... there is a window behind him, i want to have light pushing through the blinds of the wndow and onto his back, i want to be able to see the light through the thick air. my problem is i dont know if lighting the subject in this maner will somehow jepordize the sucess of the green screen in the background. i have at my disposal two 4 bank kinos that can be balenced to tungston or daylight, an arri kit with lights from 250's to 650's. an mole richardson set 2 1000K, some source 4's, and a lowel kit... i also have a studio at my disposal... i really need your help on this, "preparation is the key" thank you... adam jon kennedy.
  7. well i want the best quality picture i can get for my money, i had my mind set on the xl2 because of its interchangable lenses, until i found out they make a M2 35mm DOP adapter for the Z1U, with this adapter i could infact change many differant types of lenses.... i just cant decide.... the xl2 looks prettier...haha... but thats not what its about... thanks, adam k.
  8. I am in the market for a new camera, either the sony hdv Z1U or the canon XL2 if anyone has used both or knows which one they like better and why, i would surley apreciate it...
  9. well i will be using either the sony z1u hdv, or the XL2, im not sure which yet, (sidenote; if anyone could help me decide which is the better camera to get it would be greatly apreciated). im also using a M2 35mm adapter and various nikon lenses. im having a hard time finding screenshots of what im looking for, the only thing that i could find is norm li's movie "water" http://jonalden.com/water/water.mov thanks, adam k.
  10. cool, thanks, but if i was going to buy or rent what kit should i use.....
  11. Hey, i dont know what kit to buy, so naturaly im asking the board... i need to light a 12' x 14' room with enough light to be able to see, i am going for a dim look, but not to dim, i dont want harsh shadows.. the room is a set so i can light it however... there is 4 people on the set... what lighting kit should i buy... theres so many, i cant choose... thanks, adam
  12. Hi, I know many of you have seen this twitchy/stop frame motion, used in house on haunted hill, 13 ghost, and other movies... i was just wondering exactly how this is done, i saw a tutirial once but it didnt help at all... P.S. i want to have a guys head thrashing all around, skipping frames, and everything else normal..... thanks...
  13. hey, i need some advice on how to light a horror/music video set that i am putting together, i am building the set to look like an old country room, "old green wall paper, a boars head, dirty, dusty." i dont know how to go about lighting it... the room, is 14' X 14' and eight feet tall... i need to be able to have all four persons in the band lit well enough to see them, but at the same time i want to keep that dark feel that you get from so many horror films. what should i use, any kits that might help light a room this size... on another note, i am trying to get that very low color, green washed look that is usually associated with "the film look" if anyone can help with that, that would be cool... any post prod. tips maybee... i am shooting with the xl2, 35mm adapter and some nikon lenses...just got to figure out the lighting... thanks
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