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  1. has any one used the software ULTRA2 on to do chroma key? i have just shot a big project on green screen where the client wanted wide shots showing outside of the green screen and it will be filled in as well.... he said that he will take my video and use ULTRA 2 which will allow for this to happen. the client also said that shadows on the green screen and uneven lighting will not be a problem as well. I may be old school, but i had a hard time accepting the fact that everything i have just mentioned would be possible. the client kept assuring me over the shoot that it would not be a problem...Anyway, it's too late now... everything has been shot.... For my piece of mind, is there someone who can verify this? Ray
  2. Can someone help? I have done 2 projects where my video has come out with horizontal lines on edges of figures in the picture frame. It is not only on bright areas . It is also on edges of objects , It looks like Zebra type lines that are on the video.. Is this a camera setting that has been changed? Please help Ray
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