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  1. Parallax Tomahawk HDMI Link to Pictures: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/bi3g9hyqra1y1vv/AADRg1_92B7bfCychRlnIBfFa?dl=0 Wireless 2000 ft HD Transmission System Supports up to 1080p60 Uncompressed HDMI Input / Dual 3G-SDI Output 2-Pin LEMO-Type Power Input This kit contains a fair share of great add on parts to make the kit much more functional and life on set easier. Array antenna $439 Clover antenna $39 V-mount male $129 V-mount female $149 Custom Case $299 Perch Bracket to mount to stand $139 Sidearm for TX provides 1/4-20 holes so that it can be attached to a camera. $64 P-t
  2. MOVI M15 with loads of accessories. Link to pictures: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/eu1h68z3294qpd6/AADyOULX84tDWZ5_q1EJLdg4a?dl=0 Wifi adapter Pelican Jason case with custom cut foam. Second generation Movi Dock. Classic Bars. Mimic with additional handle bars. Movi Ring. 3 Large & 5 small Batteries. 3 Chargers. 3 Additional mounting accessories. MultiRoter Kit for Drone use. (Adds legs to the M15 for take off and landing) Spektrum DX7 with case. TSA dinged this up, but still functional. One toggle switch is damaged. V-Lock bracket for Epic / DSMC1 to screw a V-lock plate to the
  3. IF you do actually output or go back to film you can BB the internegative or realese print. However this would require even more testing and more dollar bills, but it could give you a really cool unique outcome. If you have the budget try it. Test It. I think the best way is to shoot as clean as possible, get you're exposures perfect, Video doesn't recover from overexposure. And puling up the black levels reveals noise and a greyer rendition. Then increase the contrast to your preference, and desaturate it accordingly. This should give you more freedom during color correction.
  4. I have an additional question that might fit in this particular forum. Hopefully someone can help me. I'm trying to get the "look" of the 45' shutter but I don't have the possibility of actually changing the shutter. So what I thinking might work is - If I shoot at 96 FPS with a 180 shutter my effective shutter speed = 1/192 1/2 x 1/96 = 1/196 and this would be the same as 45' shutter 1/8 x 1/24 = 1/192 I hope my math is right. Despite the obvious slow motion effect I think that both would yield the same effect in regards to the amount of motion blur because the shutter speeds ar
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