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  1. my question pertains to hollywood or new york and the industry calling. does hollywood serve as the epicenter for all film-type activity? the reason i ask is because i've been debating over a move into a big city market such as LA. independent films can happen anywhere, i know, so what is hollywood worth to an aspiring cinematographer? what's easiest to land in the indy film market? a big city or a small town and a few good ideas? thanks
  2. I've got experience doing PA work...gripped for audio, lighting, and camera for television, and now I'm looking for an independent feature where I can hop on the set and work (hard) as I watch and learn. If you or someone you know is shooting anything anywhere that needs some grip assistance, please let me know. How long or how far away the shoot is doesn't matter. I'm a college student graduating in May and all I really want to do is help out on a feature project! Peace, Taylor
  3. you make a good point, Richard. lately, i've been thinking of the best possible place to set up and begin logging hours as a freelance operator. what does anyone know about orlando, FL? i have some people there that guarantee me a full plate of production work if i make the move. i thought people would automatically label me a PA if they knew i was just coming out of school. it's not true. still photography has been a 7 year hobby and i've shot movies whenever the batteries in the camcorder were charged. and i am trying a music video right now. saw the band play last night...great stuff. i'm getting equipment (possibly) from the local production house i work for. location permissions are on their way. i really just want on an independent movie shoot. i just recently saw the trailer for "brick" (2005) and was stoked (once more) about finding my way into the industry.
  4. ...but starting is hard. i know film. i know how it works. i know that my own composition gets a lot of attention and a lot of praise from local talent. but i don't know where to go from here. LA is expensive and so is NY. it's all about who you know, and i don't seem to know anyone. i'm a mobile unit...a student graduating in May with little to lose or leave behind. i have a small reel to show and a lot of ideas partially scripted. i guess what i am looking for is a director/producer that wants to take a chance and let a "novice" take a serious seat on their production. i could do it. direct, or shoot, or script even though the camera is what i want to control. it's all just a matter of finding a production in need. i've lived through film all my life. it's what i've always wanted to do. i have been on local shoots as a PA and as an asst. camera. but that's been in video, and independent features is where i know i could fit best. if you know anyone that needs someone with some natural talent to prove, PLEASE let me know. i'll be looking harder in the meantime. thanks, Taylor
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