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  1. I'm a still photographer looking for advice on buying a digital video camera in the $5,000 price range. I shoot surfing stills and I would like to mount a video camera on the same tripod head as my still camera. Ideally, I'd like to find a quality video camera that focuses easily. I'm wondering if there's any way to use both the still and video cameras simultaneously, meaning I would only be looking through my still camera while also recording on the video camera without looking through it. Both cameras would obviously be pointing in the same direction following the surfer, but the challenge would be getting the surfer in focus on the video camera. I realize getting a clear focus without looking through the camera might not be possible. Since I know very little about video cameras, I just want to find out whether or not this is realistic. I'm shooting stills with a Canon 800mm lens. I would like a video camera with a lens in the range of 600mm to 800mm. Thank you.
  2. I'd like to transfer my Super 8 film to HD mini DV tapes or direct to hard drive without the expense of using a pro telecine service provider. What's the best way to transfer super 8 at home? I know the quality won't be as good as using professional telecine service providers, but I have to keep my costs manageable. I have a mini-DV HD camera, and I'm willing to invest no more than $2,000 in new equipment to make "quality" Super 8 DIY transfer possible.
  3. I would like to create a look similar to the photos below from a Dior ad campaign. I like the way these photos are heavily backlit and soft. Whenever I use a lot of backlight, the light is much too hard even though I'm using softboxes. Obviously I can cut the light down, but then I lose the heavy backlight effect. In essence, I want to soften the backlight but retain its intensity. I would appreciate any suggestions on how to go about achieving this effect. Thanks!
  4. I am almost ready to buy an HVX 200 that I will be using to shoot a very low budget feature length film in Hawaii. I'll be shooting mostly outdoors in the daytime, and I'd like to get some advice on the accessories that would make a big difference in terms of image quality and practicality while shooting. At most, I'm willing to spend an additional $5,000 over the cost of the camera. I am a still photographer who is new to filmmaking, so my technical knowledge is fairly limited when it comes to video cameras. I know that I will need at least 2 4GB P2 cards, a good tripod and some battery packs. I have also been looking at the accessories available from Red Rock Micro, http://www.redrockmicro.com , and I would be interested in getting some advice about their products. Thanks!
  5. Thank you for your replies to my posting. Here are some examples of the type of lighting and mood I'd like to create. All examples are by fashion photographer Glen Luchford. Any advice on how to light for such a look would be very much appreciated.
  6. I'm interested in testing various color gels and combinations of gels to help create strong moody images along with the use of shadows. In particular, I'd like to create an evocative, sensual and beautiful look for the people in my photography. I realize that I have to look at a lot of lighting scenarios to get the exact look I have in mind, but I was wondering if anyone had already done similar testing and had some examples to show or if anyone had advice about where to start. Thanks!
  7. I'm looking for three or four portable battery-powered lights that are fairly powerful. I've worked a lot with 1000 watt tungsten Baby Babies and would like to get some portable HMI lights that can give me similar output as the Baby Babies. I have looked at the Frezzi Super Sun Gun, which would probably be powerful enough and is lightweight. Are there any better or more economical options available? I believe the Frezzi Super Sun Gun costs around $1,300 and the battery is also over $1,000.
  8. I will be covering this event as the still photographer, and I'm looking for someone who would be interested in shooting the video. I can provide transportation if you're in the city; the wedding is on Long Island in Westbury. I'm photographing the couple in Central Park before they go to Long Island, so I would need someone who can join us in the park at around 12:00 noon. The wedding will probably be over at around 10:00 or 11:00 pm. The pay is $450 plus meals and expenses. I can pay an additional $450 if you're interested in editing the video (it needs to be approximately 1-hour long). I would prefer someone who can bring their own video camera if possible. Please e-mail me at peter1111@earthlink.net . Thanks, Peter Jacobsen Peter Jacobsen Photography New York, NY
  9. I am a still photographer looking for a partner to film videos at weddings in 2005 in both NYC and Southern California, mostly on Saturdays in the spring and summer. I am currently looking for someone who is available on May 20, 2005 in Manhattan for an evening wedding. If you're interested, please e-mail me your rates for coverage on the day, editing (optional), your general availability on Saturdays and the equipment you can provide, if any. A wedding reel would be helpful, but if you don't have one your standard reel is fine. peter1111@earthlink.net :)
  10. I am a still photographer who's been shooting and lighting for 35mm still film for about seven years. I want to make a transition to cinematography by purchasing quality equipment that I can use on small projects to learn what I need to know to eventually work on feature film projects, big or small. I saw an ad for a silent running Mitchell BNCR camera with 6-1000' magazines, crystal motor, CCD flicker-free video assist, 20-120mm Angenieux zoom lens, matte box, follow-focus, lens light, Worrall geared-head and battery for $9,900. Is this a good deal, and should someone at my level be purchasing this kind of equipment? I realize this is a loaded question. I am always committed to the best quality possible and realize that shooting 35mm can get expensive. I also know that this camera is heavy compared to newer models and has certain drawbacks in that regard. My budget for new equipment is no more than $10,000. I would appreciate any advice I can get.
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