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  1. Hello All, We have released the RiB remote iris controller for video cameras (incl. HD) - details on our website www.unitcine.com. The RiB system comprises of a HANDSET connected by upto 300M (1,000ft.) of ordinary coax video cable to a CAMERA UNIT - the CAMERA UNIT connects in between the lens and the camera and gives control over the lenses' iris (& VTR stop/start). The iris can be controlled AUTOmatically, via the control knob on the handset or manually. 'Quickstops' can be used to set temporary iris stops, the iris can also be 'frozen' (see website) and the digital display shows current iris setting. Thank you. Ben Fisher UNITCINE
  2. Hi Phil, Whilst 1394 is certainly more 'purist' than composite video, it also must be converted to SDI (not the market the sprintDV is aimed at), or down to composite/YC (which assumes the converter is better than the one in the camera). Firewire over CAT5 is range limited by basic physics and any attempt to buck the speed down would end in much complexity. Fiber is unfortuatley the only way to get 1394 to equal the range of the sprintDV; this however results in expensive cables and zero chance of field termination (I have experience of this!) - the CAT5 used by the sprintDV costs between $0.10 and $0.30/metre and can be terminated in 20 seconds with a $20 tool (connectors being $0.35 each). A full camera channel of triax is the other option; but you would end up filling the boot/trunk of most cars with the cable [and it would weigh >100lb - not including a windup drum]. - certainly be full-broadcast standard but at what price (10-20 times the complete cost of a sprintDV AND camera). Hence the sprintDV... Ben www.sprintdv.com
  3. Hi Phil, There are many many people using the XL1/PD150/170 etc. on quite respectable TV; only this evening in the UK there were two programs which contained a substantial amount of DV work (one on BBC2 one on ITV1). The whole point of the sprintDV is to give the many users of DV the flexability (without the cost) enjoyed by triax enabled cameras. This is in the same vain as the people who spend as much on a manual follow focus/mattebox for a DVX100 as the camera itself... Ben www.sprintDV.com
  4. Hi Stijn, Thanks for your comments. We have some clients just using the sprintDV just for talkback and tally! Ben Fisher ben@sprintdv.com www.sprintdv.com
  5. Hello All, We are announcing a new product, the sprintDV: The sprintDV is a OB/Studio adapter that converts virtually any camcorder into a outside broadcast or studio camera. Using CAT5 cable the sprintDV can operate over 1,000 ft. from it's base station; as well as program video & audio the sprintDV includes comprehensive tally and talkback systems as well as an auxiliary audio channel for 'program mix'. www.sprintdv.com Kind regards, Ben Fisher UNIT Ltd, UK
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