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  1. Thanks everyone, Satsuki, look forward to hearing more. Your comments are very useful. Yes, its possibilites + low budget are the reasons I'm considering it. Taina
  2. Hi all I'm thinking of using the Canon 5D MK II for the first time but I fear that it would be a nightmare for the focus puller. Could anyone share their experiences? It's for a short fiction piece where there will be a lot of tracking and zooming. Thanks a lot, Taina
  3. A back light helps separate subject from green screen. If acceptable to your colour scheme, it also helps if you use a gel of opposite colour- magenta for greenscreen, or orange/yellow for bluecreen.
  4. Hello I would value your advice about how to light a green screen shot on HD where the floor and wall are visible. The subject is 7 actors seen from head to toe, all walking in circles. I am particularly looking for advice about how to keep the actors' feet separated from the floor. Also, how far away from the screen should the subjects be at a minimum? Their bodies must be fully visible and they are moving quite close to each other. As the subject area is large, I'm expecting it to be very tricky to separate them fully from the background. I thought to light them predominantly from the sides. Any other ideas? Thank you. Taina
  5. I would value your advice on differences between Kodak Vision2 500T Expression 7229 and 7218. I am about to shoot my first 16mm film. It involves day for night shooting in a forest and lake, night shoot campfire, interior in a club and day exterior on city and country streets. I will probably use the same stock throughout. Thank you Taina
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