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  1. Hey there, I'm a huge fan of the show and I'm in Canada. So... it's getting around. Casper, awesome work on those sequences. I was curious what format you're shooting in. I was very interested to hear the filters and was curious about that vingetting actually. In post you say? Interesting. It also looks like some general deepening of the blacks and some saturation work. But the overall tones and feel are so just fantastic. I wish I could just ride on your shoulder for a day and see what you guys are doing. So inspirational for a younger camera boy as myself. Anything else you can share would be fabulous. Is there a house DP that is deciding the looks of all of those sequences or are they more individual? -Will Minsky
  2. I apologize if someone has already asked this, but I couldn't find it... then I cried. Now I feel okay though. Does anyone know about this commercial and if so who the DOP was on it? I"m mostly just curious. I know a company in the UK called DDB London ( I think) Produced it. But I can't really find any info on the crew itself. Anyone? Thanks. -Minsky-
  3. Hey there, I'm going to be using the 100U on a short film in November. I haven't used the camera before, but I have shot HDV. I'm just curious if anyone knows some tricks and some advice to help me out and REALLY take advantage of the camera and make things look fantastic. Anywhere I can go look for that info? Someone have some secrets they don't mind sharing? I've heard about the image banding thing, I'm going to be looking into that. I'll take whatever you know about that too. I was also curious if anyone knows the lens mount? I'm going to be shooting in some pretty small locations, don't you just love Directors, and I'm thinking about trying to use some still camera lenses if I can match the lens mount. No idea if that's possible, I've just dreamt up the thought. But if I can use some primes to help me out in the small locations that would be fnatastic. Thanks guys. -minsky-
  4. Hey there fellas, I'm just getting into this AC game and I haven't found a regular DP to mentor me or anything, so I've been hussling up work anywhere I can. With really no idea what I'm doing. I'm learning on the fly, so far lucky enough to work with people that understand I'm just getting going. But I'm finding it hard to really keep with the gear. Mostly I end up shooting on HD and trying to learn a new camera in a day from a manual written by some technician. Is there somewhere I can find practical information on a lot of the new cameras coming out that are being prefered? I'm thinking mostly the trouble shooting stuff. And also, what would anyone suggest I do to really understand what I'm expected to do when I can't access any source of specific AC training in my city? Thanks Will Minsky
  5. Hey there, I'm just curious if there's some guys in Vancouver on here. I'm looking to move out there and am curious about what's happening these days in the industry and the viability of getting work. Great to hear any thoughts. Ideally from some guys in the trenches. -Will
  6. Thanks Michael, I've heard that windsock story before. I'm glad it's come up a few times. Nothing can make a guy feel more foolish than bits of his camera flying out the window and slowly drifting into the distance. There's not much you can say to people when they see that kind of thing. Always makes me laugh, but doesn't make you look like the smarty pants professional you want to be thought of as. Sounds like I'm lap shoot'n. You'd say safety line the camera to your own harness or to the helicopter? I get the short chord though, good idea. The "out of trim" is excellent too. Thanks. -Will
  7. Hey guys, Thanks for the safety tips. I realize there's a lot to be concerned with. I am really sorry to hear about the friends people have lost. I'm running a lot of that by the Producers and sorting things out. Not to sound like some kind of fool, but it is my job and I am going to be shooting it. I'll obviously be making sure I take care of myself and my gear as much as possible. But all this info is good to have. I was more curious about techniques to getting the most out of the shoot since I've never dealt with the operation of shooting from a helicopter. Thanks for the advice though. -Will
  8. Hey there- I'm trying to get some tips on shooting from a Helicopter. I've never done it before and thought it might be handy to get some advice from people that have done it. I'm shooting landscape stuff and possibly some forest fires from the chopper. Any suggestions on filters, techniques, some cool tricks? I'll be shooting DigiBeta if that helps. Thanks a lot. Will
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