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  1. Hi all, I've got an HVX200 camera package that I've used for a few years that I'm now looking to move on from. It's a great camera with little to no wear and tear. The tape heads have had virtually no use over the camera's lifetime, as we've almost exclusively used P2 media for shooting. Everything was purchased retail for over $8,000 altogether. But today we're only asking $2,200 or best offer for the following package: Panasonic HVX200 Camera Kata CC193 Camera Bag 3 x Panasonic CGA-D54s Lithium-Ion Battery 1 x Panasonic CGA-D54 Lithium-Ion Battery 2 x additional Battery Chargers with corresponding AC Adapters 1 x Panasonic DE-A20 Video Camera AC Adaptor 2 x Panasonic P2 E-Series 64 GB Card 2 x Panasonic P2 R-Series 16 GB Card 1 x Panasonic P2 4 GB Card Composite Cable (Y/Bb/Cr) camera connector Camera Strap Operating Manual 3 x BNC to RCA adaptors Remote Control with Battery Mini-USB to USB-A Cable If interested, PM me or please email me at jd@makedoproductions.com Pictures are available if interested. Thanks so much!
  2. I recently shot some footage, overcranking at 60fps at 720 24pN in a pretty low light situation. My scene files settings had the Chroma level up a bit, and the Master Pedestal down pretty far, but I was opened wide up and (according to the LCD) getting a bright enough image to work with. I bring the P2 footage into Final Cut Pro today and see that the footage is TOTALLY dark. There's no detail where there was detail before, and the overall images are about 2 x darker than what I saw on my LCD screen. My LCD screen levels for brightness and contrast remain unchanged and at middle levels. What am I doing wrong here? Why is there such a enormous difference between what my LCD sees and what is actually on the P2 media? Is this just because I was overcranking at 60fps perhaps?
  3. I would agree that LTO is really the best for reliability, size, and speed. But assuming I can't afford an LTO drive, and I have no problem waiting overnight for a 50GB DL BD-R to burn, is there any better, less expensive option? I don't like how expensive BD-R's (much less BD-REs) are per disc, but they're obviously huge so they make themselves worth it over time. I've also read contrary information regarding Blu-Ray discs that they don't use dyes like normal DVDs, so they have the potential to live longer. Has anyone else have solid info on the shelf life of DVDs or Blu-Ray discs?
  4. I'm debating whether to invest in a nice large external RAID-1 array for storage and archiving of P2 material shot w/ my HVX200A. I'm also considering buying a Blu-Ray burner and archiving to single or dual layer BD-R disks. Any opinions? Has anyone tried archiving with Blu-Ray with measurable success?
  5. Just bought my HVX200A -- looking for an economical, simple shoulder mount solution for hand held use -- nothing fancy. I'm coming from the world of XL-2 shooting, so I'd love something comprable, even if that means having a LANC in remote on a handle of sorts. I've done some research only to find mediocre results. Anyone have a success story with this?
  6. Hi Evan, It really depends on what kind of system you're working with and what kind of turn around time you need. Assuming you're planning on Final Cut Pro editorial, you can: 1) use Quicktime Proxy files (unreliable if editing anything longer than a couple of minutes). Pro is realtime editing and no transcode. 2) Transcode to ProRes or ProRes HQ via L&T (will only use 1 core of your Mac -- so transcode can be up to 20:1 of realtime footage) 3) Import as Quicktime R3D native (still requires processing of proxies to playback, but you can transcode to ProRes after this from Compressor and take advantage of multiple cores that way.) It is unfortunate that you're shooting Red only to end up on DigiBeta --- but since you are, you won't need anything better than a 1920x1080 ProRes. No R3D conform needed for this job.
  7. I see deals like this on the web: HVX205A -- $2,649.00 http://www.zoommania.com/descript.asp?prodid=AGHVX205A HVX205A -- $3,089.99 http://cgi.ebay.com/Panasonic-AG-HVX200A-A...%3A1%7C294%3A50 I know this is the "Japanese" version of the camera but with switchable English menus. I also know that Panasonic will not service this model in the US. Is it worth it to buy these heavily discounted models? Has anyone purchased them on the web? Do they work as well as the HVX200A? Obviously the price is a huge draw considering the price of new P2 cards....
  8. Jeff, I appreciate the post. I've been leaning very far over now to the P2 cards exclusively. I'm so afraid I'll be shooting with the FS and a drop out occurs, or the firewire gets unplugged, or the battery dies, etc. I don't have the money to purchase P2 cards AND firestore --- but buying two 64 GB P2 cards (which is really what I need) is just far too expensive as well (at $2,500 per card!!). I own an HVX200a now, but with no firestore or P2 cards to go with it. I'm desperately hoping the 64GB card price drops in the next 6 months.
  9. Perhaps I'm behind the times....but I've been reading different things here and there suggesting that the FS-100 Firestore drives for the Panasonic HVX200A can record to 720p Native now. So my questions: 1) Is this true? 2) If so, how effective is it? If the drive is removing duplicate frames upon record to achieve true 23.98, I feel like there must be plenty of room for cadence breaks / errors / drop outs when recording hours of continuous footage at once..... Clearly if the FS-100 were a 100% effective device recording 720pN I don't think many people would be shelling out the same price for a 64GB P2 card. If this is the case, the 250GB version would also be capable of 11 HRS of 720pN record time! (w/ 4 channels audio record to boot) So perhaps someone has some insight into the pros and cons between P2 and Firestore? I'm trying to price out an HVX200A between going P2 or Firestore and this is really the big question for me if I end up going firestore or not. Thanks everyone.
  10. Thanks for your answers. I have a feeling it's the tape itself as you described -- the drop outs occur in the same places when I play back. Thank you!
  11. Hi, I shot an event last weekend with my Canon XL-2 --- I have owned this camera for almost 3 years now and have shot hundreds of hours of video on it. It's been incredibly reliable and I have never had any issues. I have always used the same brand of Panasonic Mini-DV tape and I clean the heads regularly. However on the first 4 minutes of the SECOND tape that I used, there are horrible drop outs every 10 seconds or so. After those first 4 minutes, everything is fine. Is there anything I can do to correct the drop outs on the tape (i.e. playback on different deck other than the camera?) or is this segment of the tape simply ruined, essentially? Thanks!
  12. Thanks for all the insight Walter. Very helpful stuff. Seems to me if one really wanted 1080p on the HVX it would make more sense to shoot 720p and go to a post house to uprez and output for a couple hundred bucks rather than waste the space and $$ on all the extra necesarry storage. You'd need a post house anyway to output to something like 1080p HDCAM or SR unless, for some reason, you own the deck hardware yourself.
  13. I've always been a little skeptical of recording 1080 on the HVX, both because of space consumption and because we're already shifting pixels to get to 720 from a 960x540 sensor. However, I'm wondering how the actual images compare. Do you know of any screen grab comparisons between a 1080 and 720 image on the HVX?
  14. It seems I answered my own question: http://www.focusinfo.com/solutions/catalog.asp?id=150 Thanks for all the info guys.
  15. Gus, Thanks for that link -- that looks like just what one would need to cheaply download P2 material. I assume it will hook up to the newest Mac Pro's... Didn't know about the 2 min. limit on 1080 clips. Does that have to do with the drive formatting (i.e. is it running as FAT32 w/ 4 GB file limit??) Based on everything I've read about P2 and FS-100, I'm guessing it will just overlap into a new clip for continuous recording? Please correct me if I'm wrong.
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