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  1. HI. I'm new to filmmaking and I am looking for a good, but affordable digital camera that will take me a long way for good quality, semi professional results. I know very little right now.. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated regarding cameras and editing equipment. thanks g
  2. Thanks to everyone who wrote me on my previous topic. Now I'm looking to find out what digital cameras would be good for filmmaking, as in something not too expensive that will carry me a long way, since I'm a beginner but a quick learner.) Also, what types of software or equipment suggestions for when I am ready to put the film together? Thanks gh
  3. HI. I'm new to filmmaking.. In fact I haven't purchased my camera yet. I wanted to start with 16mm and work my way up before going to digital. i need suggestions on affordable equipment to buy, and how to go about film developing and so forth.. i've been looking at the krasnogorsk 3 as i hear it's a good starter camera. but how difficult is it to get this film developed and what should i look out for.. Also, so far as digital, what suggestions does anyone have. thanks g
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