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  1. Hello, I am in search of a DI place in Europe in order to scan, color and transfer a film that I shot in super 35mm. The film is a greek production which was shot in the States. Unfortunately the budget is quite low in order to pursue DI there. I await answers from ARRI in Germany as well as from DFF Finland. Does anybody know of any other DI places? Thank you
  2. Hi, Has anybody done any comparison tests of the zeiss T1.3 vs the S4 Cookes? I shot a test today and I am waiting for the results. The test was a small one with only the 25mm of both makes. Has anybody done any excessive tests? Thank you
  3. Hi, I am shooting 35mm at 24 fps under fluorescent lighting (in the US) and at times on a ship. Will the flicker be noticeable? It might be difficult to substitute the fixtures? Thank you
  4. If I use an LCD screen then let's say off a mac laptop and shoot the image through Youtube I should be OK. Would it matter if I shot the video it at 25p (rather than interlaced) and then film it at 24fps? Thanks
  5. Thank you again for all your help. I also wanted to ask the following. We want to transfer the dailies to a hard drive too too. Do we need to go telecine them first to tape first and then digitize them?
  6. It makes sense what Dirk says regarding a one-to-one relationship between film frames and video frames when running the film at 25fps for a PAL telecine. But how is that not affected if the film is telecined at 24fps? 24film frames are fit into 25 video frames. Where is the extra video frame fit into all this? Also I talked with Delux labs and they can provide HD dailies which run at 23.98 fps. Except the image quality wouldn?t that be easier since it is cloer to 24 film fps? Thanks ps. It?s true I haven?t considered the sound in all this but I assume FCP can easily adjust for that.
  7. Hi, Any suggestions on how to shoot off a TV screen (35mm at 24fps) in the US and not get a flicker from the 60Hz cycle? Thank you ps. the 35mm camera is a Moviecam compact
  8. On that note when labs in the States do a PAL transfer do they transfer to NTSC and then perform a 3:2 pull down? I was told they do that because of the 60Hz cycle in the States rather than a 50Hz.
  9. Hi all. I am shooting a feature film in the US (35mm) and want PAL dailies which will be used for editing as well as for viewing in FCP. My question is do I shoot at 24fps or 25 fps since PAL runs at 50 fields per second? If I shoot at 24fps do I telecine the film at 25fps? What happens if I want HDV dailies? Anybody knows labs where I can do this? It seems a little difficult to find PAL dailies in the States. Thank you Panayiotis Salapatas
  10. Hello everyone, Does anybody know where I can buy 35mm Fuji film in the States? Eterna 250D and 500T. I guess there must be a few places. A few links would help. Thank you
  11. Hi all, I just completed a short film with the Canon XLH 1 camera. It was shot at 25p in extremely low light situation and the shutter speed was set to 1/25. The film is intended for 35mm transfer. Has anybody had any experience with transferring material shot at 1/25 shutter speed and seen it projected? Thank you ps. I know about the image blur but could not find the difference that noticeable between 1/50 and 1/25
  12. Hi all, Anyone knows of any 35mm cine labs in New Orleans? Thank you
  13. Thank you all for your input. I hope to test these stocks very soon and let you know how they turned out.
  14. Hi all, I am going to so some tests (35mm) with anamorphic lenses (for an upcoming shoot) and wanted to know your opinion about the Eterna 400 and 500 stocks. Planning to use those for night shoots. Also planning to shoot the Reala 500D for all exterior daylight shots. Will also shoot the Vision3 500ASA Kodak for comparison. Any suggestions or experiences with those stocks? Thank you.
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