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    Small format filmmaking, narrative, experimental and animation. I'm also a musician, currently working on my own music videos... ala Super8.

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  1. Thanks for all your thoughts, guys. I have a lab here in Australia that's previously processes some VNF film with E6 chemistry, and I've been happy with the results... they only do small quantities, but since i'm shooting in 100' lengths with a Bolex H16, that's not a problem. I reckon I'll rate it a little slower, and I'll pop back and post some results. I'm making an experimental film after all, so I'm sure I can use the stock as something of a special effect. If you want to run VNF through E6 chem, here's the link for nanolab: http://www.nanolab.com.au/
  2. Hi all... I was given a 400ft can of Ektachrome 7250T (400asa) the other day... the ol' news film stock with mag striping. I'd like to shoot some of it for an experimental film I'm producing this week, and have no convenient means to test dev before the shoot. can you help me predict what colour shift may have occurred with the aging of this stock? I'm happy to accept whatever happens with it, but if i can estimate acertain cast, then i can shoot/filter with that in mind. Also, how much density will the stock have lost, and would you rate it differently to get a better result than shooting straight at the 400asa mark? love to hear your thoughts... I'll be running it through a Bolex H16 with 1960's Som Berthiot lenses.
  3. hi guys... we've had a busy couple of months at danimations... and one of our recent works has just been entered in an online music vid festival. Check out the clip here... it was shot on two cameras.. a Beaulieu ZMII and a Eumig 881 (for long exposures). happy to field any questions re: technique you may have... if you take a mo' to vote for the clip. :) 5 votes (before the end of Friday) will get us a cinema screening in Toronto, and we'll be happy with that. here's the link: CraveFest - Supermarket 'Puffinaway'
  4. thought some of you might be interested in the optical effects used in my experimental doco, 'a shift in perception'. fire away with any questions you might have about particular shots... you'll see we used a lot of different techniques including stop motion animation, refraction, distortion, soft focus, time lapse, slow motion... CHECK IT OUT HERE. If you've a spare few minutes and care to share the love, please register, login and vote for our film... we're only 5 votes behind the leader and could win US$1000 if we sneak past him by July 17th. Whatever the case, I hope you get something out of the film!
  5. hi guys... would be really appreciative if you'd check out my first experimental doco film... if you can register, login and vote for it before July 17, it might even get over the line for an Audience Prize. We're only 5 votes behind the leader and I'd really appreciate your help and thoughts. It's loaded with interesting techniques and a very deliberate aesthetic and feel. Enjoy... A SHIFT IN PERCEPTION
  6. hi guys... thought some of you might be interested in a film of mine shot on Super8 that uses some pixellation and stop motion techniques (along with many other creative approaches). the film is called a shift in perception and is an experimental doco exploring the world of the blind. it's screened at festivals in over 20 countries, and has won a few awards along the way. this is also an appeal for you to register, log in and vote for the film in an online film festival called Con-Can (Japan). we need 5 more votes before July 17th to win a US$1000 cash prize and the film can be streamed there for free. Here's the link: http://www.con-can.com/PreviewRoom/en/saku...ie_id=200620215 if you're interested in where the film has been, the awards its won and even aquiring your own copy on DVD, here's the film's website: here's the film's website.
  7. Evidently, these cameras were very popular in Australia.. I have two, and a manual (which I can scan, but not immediately). Just another word of warning... I use a cable release to run and operate stop motion animation with my 514XLs, and the trigger is a weak part of the design. One of the cameras triggers is stuck now, rendering the camera useless. The other has shown symptoms of the same seizure beginning. Otherwise, it's a lovely little camera... mine have been underwater, strapped to a shopping trolley... in the shower (in splash housing)... all sorts of neat places. The wide-angle macro setting is a real corker on this cam. :) email me if you'd like me to scan the manual for you.
  8. Hi Clive... I've read some glowing reviews of the VP-1, and yours is the only cautionary tale I've read so far. I'm negotiating with someone who has one in 'apparent' working order... he has not tested it with film it seems. What would you think is a fair $ value to place on this potentially risky investment? I've seen pics, and it's in beautiful cosmetic condition, and may not have seen much use. Also, do you recall if the machines were NTSC only, or are you able to get PAL scans out of 'em?
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