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    I just recently asked that question at NAB and was told that the glass used in the cine lenses and the ENG lenses can be identical- depending on which lenses you compare. There are some basic cine versions of lenses that are no different than simply removing the servo control (zoom, aperature) from the typical ENG lens- same size and function. Then there are the more expensive cine versions that are heavier, longer in physical length, large front elements, sharper, no focus breathing, etc. I dont think any of the cine zooms made by Cannon or Fuji have T-stops like the Zeiss DigiZoom and possibly the Angeniux Optimo. T-stop zoom lenses are in their own price bracket to themselves. Someday we'll have an affordable option... I will say that I recently purchased the new Fuji super zoom 7.3-160mm 22x lens and think it looks incredible. It does fall off over a stop if your shooting below a 2.5 and on the very end of the lens, it's a little heavier, and physically longer, but it's razor sharp throughout. I can see a difference between this new lens to some first generation HD lenses for sure. Alexander
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