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  1. Hey all - finally I can post about a project I have been working on (as DP and one of the producers) for sometime now. We are doing a soft launch so please feel free to have a look , register (claim you login names now) and comment on videos. The concept is a place to have indie bands be able to have their music shown as well as the personalities in the band. There is a tv show element (the full ep 1 is available on the site). have a look see www.showcaseone.com
  2. This past week Panasonic let me test their new HPX2700 Varicam - you can read my initial review here http://www.slmproduction.com/mainsite/2008...ricam_revi.html enjoy.
  3. EDIT - this is in reference to overcranking (slow motion). I think this feature is not as widely used BECAUSE so many cameras dont offer it. It is another tool and by having that tool available you can consider using it creatively. Its a feature that allows you to do things that you might not consider if its not in front of you. Subtle slow motion for emphasis - or 2.5 times slower (if 24 frame timebase) for more dramatic motion. Needed? no - but certainly a great tool in the toolbox.
  4. P2 is fantastic for shooting features - instant review - instant and free (cost of hard drive) dailies. And the cards are easily large enough for narrative work. Having shot over 3000 p2 cards worth of footage, never having lost a clip and utilizing many of the benefits I am very much in favor of the workflow. And with the coming 64 gig cards allowing over 8 hours of shooting on a a 4 card load - its beginning to look attractive for documentary work. But they are bandwidth limited in the sense that 4:4:4 uncompressed will never work with those cards - unless Panny develops some smart buffering (a la phantom) - but 4:2:2 is really enough for nearly all purposes.
  5. the p2 gear will not play back avc intra clips - it will show thumbnails however
  6. its very simple - you should NOT have been importing into final cut - you should have COPIED to your hard drive and verified using p2 viewer - importing modifies the files - your masters should not be modified workflow issue
  7. Mitch - the P2 gear is a great device - but i have one question i know it creates a new partition for every p2 card downloaded like the camera does when you offload directly in host mode. what happens if you have more then 26 cards offloaded - doesnt windows have a limit to the number of partitions that can be accessed? Or what if you have many drives mapped on your pc - will this limit how many cards you can acces with a drive used with this?
  8. come on man - you arent staying on the same subject - you initial post was about getting bitten by p2 footage imported into FCP. That is clearly a workflow issue - you shouldnt be importing your only master You are correct that for a long doc/ENG style that workflow wouldnt work - you would need a bunch of P2 cards and then copy them later.
  9. I think you are missing the point of p2 then as well. You SHOULD be copying to at least 2 destinations to prevent what you are talking about - the chance of error on 2 copies is statistically zero. You dont need 2 arrays - you just need 2 off the shelf hard drives the big point is that P2 is a huge money saver. DO you need a 12,000-20,0000 dvcpro deck - no. DO you need to pay for transfers before post can begin - no. Do you need to wait to start editing - no. DO you need to log shots - no. Can you instant review without fear of overwriting - yes. When you shoot a feature you copy all footage to 2 hard drives - you can repurpose one set for editing and keep the others as masters. Another point - you should not be copying into FCP to check the footage - there is no need for that time consuming and SLIGHTLY more error prone step - check your footage in p2 viewer - its fast and usable immediately after copy. I stand by my statement that this was a workflow issue.
  10. well it is a problem with your workflow - your masters should NEVER be an import into FCP - they should be simple file copies that you verify - import into you editing system later
  11. I have shot nearly 2000 p2 cards worth of footage and never lost a clip - create a solid workflow and there wont be issues. To me it sounds like the original posted had an issue with importing the clips to FCP - not with the card itself - this is a workflow issue. The cards are rock solid - they "never" error out. (99.99999) - workflows however can have errors.
  12. Doesnt anyone have a link for the requirements to join local 600 in NYC as a DP? Been searching and having trouble finding a reference. thanks
  13. I have a bit of blogging and reviewing on my site http://www.slmproduction.com
  14. I am not really sure what you are trying to say. The two points: - the cameras can be made to look like each other and - the HVX200 rears its ugly head to me seem contradictory. If the cameras are more similar than different as you say then how does the HVX200 rear its ugly head?
  15. I am not sure that the consensus about this camera is that it makes a soft picture. And the "look" of a camera is very subjective. Many people think the hvx200 has the most pleasing image of the cameras in its class - many people dont. Its all subjective.
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