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  1. It's not hard at all. I know a guy. I sent you a PM.
  2. Thanks for your critiques guys! There's some good advise in there. Guess what!?
  3. Hey Gang! Please check out the awesome ninja battle in OC Ninjas Episode 2!
  4. Hi gang! Please check out the first episode of OC Ninjas! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4o3uXL5ZoMI Orange County is a place of international intrigue where spontaneous ninja battles happen at the drop of a spoon. Two men, possibly possessing power beyond comprehension, have a fateful meeting that propels them into a nefarious plot as an evil ninja corporation vies for control of a mysterious box. What does this box hold? A vast ninja fortune? The sword of a ninja master? Only the brave will know. This movie is about ninja, for ninja. By the end you will either be a ninja or be killed by awesomeness.* Thanks! Silva Screen Productions
  5. Hey Gang! Please check out our new video . It's a very short experiment in stop motion... I believe. Sterling Silva Silva Screen Producions
  6. Hey Gang! Today we have partition 1 of a 3 partition movie. It's a story about isolation and paranoia. Enjoy! Sterling Silva Silva Screen Producions
  7. Hey Gang! Please check out our new short . It's a sci-fi film about a black hole in the trunk of a car. The story and visuals will really suck you in. Sterling Silva Silva Screen Producions
  8. Hey guys! Check out my awesome action short called I GOTS TO NERF! It's got action, cool cars and NERF guns! thanks! Sterling
  9. Hey Gang, Can I get some feedback on this short I did? It's called DESERT DEAD. I really like it but I want to yhou what you guys think. thanks! -S
  10. Hey there! Thanks for your interest. Please heck out my new short film Desert Dead and tell me what you think. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ENzaG4uVZ_I Thanks team! -Sterling Silva http://www.youtube.com/silvascreen
  11. Hi Gang! He's an action sequence we did for fun in HD. Check it out and please comment! Thanks! Sterling :ph34r:
  12. Hi gang! Today I'm am presenting you with my very first music video. I've only done short narratives before so this was really exciting for me and I'd love to hear what you all think! Thanks! Sterling :ph34r:
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