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  1. Thank you everyone i think we'll be using some pushed fast stock film to get a little grain, a high shutter speed (not above 45°) and maybe a mistimed shutter. A skip bleach process is scheduled as ENR is just not available in France. I'll keep you informed and hopefully i'll be able to post some images of the project
  2. I've been hired to shoot a commercial that would look like "band of brothers". The director asked me to find a similar look to "saving private ryan" and "band of brothers" I have learnt that the DP's used mostly fast stock film like 5579 and ENR process to boost the contrasts. But when it comes to shutter speed i can't believe they only set it at 45°. Did they use odd frame rates like 18 fps to make it look so jerky ? Can anyone help me and tell me what technics did the dps use ? Thank you in advance and sorry for my simple english, i really need to work it out.
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