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  1. i liked it alot actually. i thought it was an interesting and unique concept, shot simply but well, and it got the message across well.
  2. thankyou i'll try and check these out
  3. jamespage

    TV filming

    perosnally id rank them this way: quality of image: 1 Beta SP 2 Canon xl1s 3 PD150 ease of use 1 PD150 2 Canon XL1s 3 Beta SP
  4. I'm directing a feature on DV. We've shot 2 weeks, and are shooting for another 4weeks, in 5 weeks time. During shooting we had a standard production monitor for checking composition,continuity etc. We noticed that some shots were going out of focus, so we checked focus between each take. they then seemed fine. Now, we have looked at our dailies, projected on a large screen, and everything is out of focus. The camera is searching for focus on all but the brightest shots. We checked the cameras and the projectors, and nothing was wrong. We now have to reshoot 90% of what we have shot. Can anyone explain to me why this has happened? why, when we set our focus, would the camera roam? I'd be interested in your thoughts.
  5. Can anyone recommend any books on Directing Actors and Cinematography?
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