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  1. What would have been the most power that would have been drawn for that? The smoke detectors are hard wired in places like gyms. How did those get handled? Wondering how a lower budget production could do with those requirements.
  2. Thank you. it's funny because if you didn't look at the lights pointing down,you could think that the light on the game was bounced somehow because it was so even. it would be fun to see what the place looks like with just the lights from any one side turned on. I also wondered what the wattage on them might be and if they are run on higher voltage as well. Still must be pulling lots of amps.
  3. Went to an NHL game last night with all lights on for tv broadcast. Looked nice and bright, practically shadowless on the ice. The lights were like tv scoops, about 200 way way above the rink arranged in a shape that matched the rink below. Hard to tell but it looked like they had some kind of diffusion, material or not eggcrates but louver type things maybe. At that distance though, any diffusion would really just act as a scrim wouldn't it? The light was so soft and these lights are so relatively small and far away, why wouldn't there be more and sharper shadows?
  4. Thanks and thanks for the bonus answer about OB-1. I didn't know what that was either.
  5. This is the camera used on Law and Order LA from behind the scenes photos on NBC website. Does anyone know what this is and what format is the show?
  6. hi thanks for asking. I made up a bunch of sockets and got some Chinese lanterns and 250w bulbs. I planned to hang them from a polecat mounted between two grip stands but couldn't maneuver both stands out of all three cameras frames. ended up adding a couple arms to grip stands and hanging lanterns off of arms extended out above table. that worked good and used some baby fresnels with gel to accent walls. cut/corrected windows with ND/CTO booked a 1200w and 575w HMI but had to cut due to budget. what we did worked out and at lower wattage which was good because we were in there all day and it was hot! hot inside, hot outside would have liked to do some things differentl, closer to recommendations on here but we made the day and got a lot of material. with the small room, sloping ceiling, five people looking across the table in different directions, skylights and ten scenes it was a challenging day but we wrapped on time with happy clients although could not take all advice given on here I have to say that it was all appreciated and helpful and that being able to discuss it and hear opinions was a big help in figuring out this job and in ultimately getting it done thank you all
  7. yes the ceiling is low so getting wide enough to see everybody gets the frame up high as well, to where it would be close to seeing lights if not what's holding them. plus the ceiling slopes on one side so can't use a polecat and haven't used a wall spreader like that with an angled piece of wood. does anybody? wouldn't want to above people for sure. too low budget to put wall plate in ceiling and repair afterward but speed rail and stands is good suggestion if I can get it out of shot shoot is next week, going back tomorrow to see location again and will take some pictures, thank you for help
  8. might be 100kb per thread b/c won't let me do in this post either thanks for your reply that seems like a good way and different for me to get a rim/backlight effect. not sure if I can use it in this case b/c cameras on each side might be between light on floor and talent but I will give check that approach out soon. I usually can make a plan fairly readily and maybe I'm just dull from lot of long hours this past month but this shoot has me going back and forth between the restrictions on lighting and the tight spaces for cameras to move and cover five people looking in different directions and talking I think that I will go with one camera behind two people shooting over them, another matching camera behind the other two people in the same respective position and a third that I could bring with no one to operate but lock off on the mediator in the middle. Every time I sketch this out though I end up with a problem crossing the line at some point.
  9. keep getting this message, can't upload pictures: Used 105.73K of your 100K global upload quota (Max. single file size: 2MB)
  10. I like the chicken coop approach but not sure how I could get it up there with no place to hang it or to put up a polecat or something. The seating arrangement is fixed by the client. I can spread the people on the sides apart a but but that's all. Most likely shooting mini-DV or P2 with Panasonic cameras. I'd look into trying to go with HMIs, if possible, as David Mentions, and also NDing the window down a bit, then using some small T fixtures, like 300 Arris, with 1/2 CTB as rim lights from low on the ground going up for some seperation on people close to the wall. Also, you can use mirrors to redirect light to a certain extent, to keep the head out of frame, e.g. mirror on an arm and knuckle bouncing the beam of say a Joker pointing down onto it, back up to the ceiling. Mirror can be low to the ground out of frame on the bottom or even in those sloped corners if the angles work out. Adrian Sierkowski Adrian@AdrianSierkowski.com Adrian Sierkowski.com(Reels/Resume/Gear) IMDB By rim lights with this description, do you mean low on the ground and up to give an effect on the walls like architectural lighting gives that scalloped look to buildings? For mirrors would you use the type that you can get at a home improvement store? Would you fix them to a thin board or something and then put a baby wallplate say on that for the grip arm to hold? Here are a couple more pictures I could get of the room and set-up somenody else shot previously. Thanks for your replies.
  11. I have put bounce cards up high by clipping them into a grip stand with arm and raising that. If I did bounce, going off a card would get better color light than off the paint. Would/do you just use gaffers tape to put bounce cards up like that? I do have some large rolls of CTO and ND so I could put a couple layers in to reduce by a couple stops and correct to tungsten.
  12. yes it will be a day interior thanks although I thunk that I can't use skylight for light because they are low, in frame and would be too hot, like this one here. this is only picture I have right now. reverse has a bit more room going back and red brick wall behind it.
  13. have a job coming up with five business people at a rectangular table, two opposite each other and one, the mediator, at the end and in between them. Going to use three cameras to cover many discussions. This is for a business use DVD and we can start and stop a bit but mostly need to keep going. I would use polecats to hang a bunch of small lights, maybe Chinese lanterns, but ceiling slopes into wall on one side no place to put them. the room is small about 20' by 16' by 9' high. there are a couple of skylights that are hot in the shot due to sloped ceiling. Going to ND them. coverage is going to be kind of tricky too. I might have two cameras on homemade dollies to be able to move a bit behind people and shoot over their shoulders because people shift and talk at the same time, even seated. The table is about 6' by 3' so people on each side tend to sit close by each other lean in to confer just when somebody across from them is talking, which blocks camera that was shooting between them. 2nd floor location and low budget so can't use big lights or blast anything in from outside. would like a nice even soft light. Bouncing open faced lights would be hard to control and heat up the room because would need more wattage from farther away than smaller lights on polecats. lights on stands kind of difficult too because of shape of ceiling would limit their height in certain spots and size of room would make it hard to hide them Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  14. One of my neighbors is a licensed electrician with 20 years experience. If I do anything, it will be after running it by him, even on a shoot by shoot basis. I talk to him about them anyway already. I do ask him a lot of questions so before I ask him about this I've been looking to see what info. I could bring him about what film people might already do. Was at the rental house today but the shop guy didn't say anything. I'm not so interested in his knowledge as in whether in the industry any rental houses have such four wire plug to break out boxes already made up and rent them. If a box can be made that is legal for me to use then it might be worth doing. If so, I'd hire my neighbor to make it. He'd probably wouldn't take any money because he always helps me since I'm been a kid. If he thinks that it's not a good idea he will say so for sure and he won't make the box either. I know one guy in the neighborhood who has his own home made box for getting more power out to his tools but he said that doesn't mean that I should do what he does. I know people do tie-ins. I'm not going to even get into that. If I could find a way to plug in more lights when I really need to and it's safe and legal that would be good. If not, then I won't.
  15. Thanks for the link and the advice, will do.
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