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  1. HI, I'm doing a short next week, and am trying to decide on film stock to order. The film will be shot on s16mm and then DI'd. I 'm trying to achieve a soft colours, natural look, with highlights being high but blacks pushed a bit so they are almost gray. Essentially getting more in the midtones without lighting flat... think Margot at the Wedding, or Sofia Coppola's Somewhere.. Now, I kind of have to go with Kodak so no fuji stocks are in question. My options are, shooting on the 7213, rating it at 320 or 400 and pushing a stop, or shooting on the 7219 and getting the look on the DI. Any ideas/suggestions? Any experience with pushing the 7213? Any Ideas or comments are highly appreciated... thnx.
  2. Thanks Mikael for your reply, but maby i should clarify my question; the prefered lenses are the ultra primes because of their wide range of focal lengths which suite the style of the film, as compared to the distagons for example (the only 16mm lenses the rental house has) whose range is not prefered. My question is wether I would have a problem blowing up s16mm neg thats was shot with the ultra primes designed for 35mm negatives.
  3. I'm planning to use the ultra primes for a short film project intended for optical blow up. Would it be best to use super16 lenses as they have higher resolution for the format, since the film is going to be blown up? I know the ultra primes work fine for telecine, but never tried them for blow up. Any advise? Thanks, Orestis.
  4. Thank you Nathan Milford that was great help. orestis
  5. I am planing to use an LTR 54 for a short film. For some of my scenes I will use 500T stock. I have heard that the LTR magazines sometimes create strech marks when fast stock is used. Can anyone conferm or comment on this? Is there anything I can look for, to prevent something like that from happening? Any help is very usefull. Thanks in advance, Orestis Lambrou
  6. Try aaton.co.uk. You can find an aaton 54 super 16 kit for 6000 pounds. I'm sure you can find it for less on other posts, but if you get it from ice films atleast you can be more confident of its quality. The 54 is a great camera anyhow 6k is not to bad for it.
  7. Thanks but I'm still a bit confused. For example I thought that a 50mm lens designed for 35 use, will give a result on a 16mm neg, that will be roughly the same as when a 100mm (for 16) lens is used. so if I used a chart for 16mm I would calculate the deapth of field for a 100mm lens. is that wrong? Does a 50mm lens(for 35) have the same deapth of field regardless the look it gives on the neg wether thats a 35mm or a 16mm neg?
  8. I have a question regarding focus pulling. What is the deapth of field of a lens designed for 35mm cameras when used on a 16mm camera? Should one use a 16mm kelly scale for example and just double the focal length of the lens, or simply use a kelly for 35mm? I'm confused. Any thoughts are usefull. Cheers, Orestis.
  9. Thanks very much for your answers, it now sounds like a stupid question but I had to ask. There is absolutely no problem using the ultras on aatons. They worked just fine. Thanks. orestis.
  10. Sorry if I wasnt too clear. I was told by the company I'm getting the lenses from that they can't use them on an sr2 cause the front ellement is too big in dimeter and the bottom end of the eyepiece gets in the way. Ofcourse the eypiece on an sr is much closer to the lens port than on an aaton where there is more distance between the two. So I'm pretty sure they'd be fine but I would like to check if there is someone who has tryied this before and knows for a fact that its ok. thanks.
  11. Does any one know if I can use the zeiss ultra primes on an aaton xtr? I am worried that they are to big in dimeter and the viewfinder will be in the way. If anyone has tryied this before please let me know as soon as possible 'cause I need to deside by the end of the week what lens set I can order. Cheers, Orestis.
  12. Thanks, I hope the sr plate will fit, because the lens and camera are coming from different rental houses, which sucks, sine the house the aaton comes from has no larger bridge plate, and the house the lens comes from, only has arri accessories! Anyway i hope that it'll work and thanks for your'e reply. orestis.
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