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  1. Yeah that digital flip screen jobby that takes bothfilm and SD cards. Also need to sell a kidney to afford last time I checked. Wasn't exactly my thing tbh, was really hoping for an affordable new Super8 camera. Can anyone recommend me some good double-eight cameras? Also what's the film going for these days? Where is a good place to buy it?
  2. I would consider myself a hobbyist, using super8 since it was still commonly and cheaply available in drug stores. The last time I used my Chinon cine camera was about 10 years ago. Prices seem to have gone up, even though Kodak have apparently released a new Super8 camera not so long ago. I know some here on the forum hoped it would bring the cost of film down. Sadly is all looks a little too pricey as a hobby for me, when you factor in cost of film + processing. If your using Super8 for artistic or professional reasons, I guess that might justify the expense. However I was wondering if
  3. I don't suppose I could trouble you for some figures? I know you said 28 films, but is that colour reversal, black and white..what length is it, where can I buy it? Simply put, if I buy myself a new camera, what will a film plus developing cost? £20, £40? Or £60? The wide screen store here in the uk, quoted me nearly £100 for developing a film and putting it to DVD..Even though I just wanted it for projecting.
  4. I know we've covered cost per meter. But how does that translate to cost per film? As a home user, I buy the film I need, use it up and then get it developed. I generally look at the cost per film not per meter. I did look on http://www.andecfilm.de But I wasn't sure what film I should be looking for, as i dont know what goes inside a DS8 camera. I did see a price list, which had figures still in the 40 and 50 euro area. I dont want my film digitizing, just processing so i can project it :D At the moment, I'd really like to stay with film, I love the experience of setting up the
  5. Wow! That's very affordable compared to super8. That's insane!
  6. Thanks for that! This is good news. Couple of questions What sort of price will a DS8 camera put me back? What does film processing usually run to?
  7. Could someone possibly answer my earlier question :-) I'm coming to the conclusion super8 is now a no go for me, as it's simply too costly. If double super 8 is cheaper, I'd be open to moving to another format. If I can use my existing projector with it. What's normal 8mm like these days? Expensive?
  8. I realise one is cartridge and the other is a reel. Can I use it in my existing projector?
  9. What's the difference between this and super8? Also how much is processing?
  10. Hey thanks for the response :-) So development is $18? Where is that from? I'm based in England and prices here for film + processing are more like $60. The film would appear to cost more here as well. I love using film, I've a perfectly working Chinon. But after looking online last night, I was left with a dreadful feeling that I'm priced out of using it.
  11. Hey everyone I've not been around for a while, but decided to pop back on as I've been wanting to get back in to using my super8 camera. Thus far the prices for film+development seem awfully more expensive then they did back in 2009. So I'd like to ask what people consider the going rate for film + developing. I've been having a look around and it seems to have shot up quite a bit.
  12. http://super8wiki.com/index.php/Super_8_EKTACHROME_64T_motion_picture_film_exposed_in_old_cameras I understand Ektachrome 64T has been replaced with 100D? I think that's the name. My Chinon suffers with the problem described in the above link. Only two ISO speeds. Films fine outside, but not good indoors.
  13. James Zeun

    Some advice

    I've been away from using Super 8 camera's for a couple of years and want to get back in the saddle for 2012. I read that there is a new Kodak 100D film replacing the 64T. What effect does this have on filming? My Chinon only has two film speeds and suffers with the common case of under exposing the new colour Kodak film. I'd appreciate any info on new films and also any suggestions regarding a camera more adept at using the new films better from off t'old ebay. Many thanks James
  14. I dug out my dads old Chinon some years ago and still use it. However it suffers with under exposure with the new 64T film. James
  15. James Zeun

    Ektachrome E160

    Hi Considering that the 255XL will probably not read Kodak 64T properly (due to no manual expo), i've decided that Cinevia 50D is my only real option if i want to record colour using this camera. Otherwise i'm stuck to black and white or getting a new camera with manual exposure. Given that my local camera shop doesn't even offer a development service for Super8, i'm faced with the same challange. A new camera and 64T film will still need to be shipped out for development, using existing camera and Cinevia 50D i still ship it out. I think what i'll do is get to grips with the form
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