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  1. I am looking for a good solid set of Super Baltar Lenses in PL mount.
  2. What does it mean to be in a "Chinese configuration" on a Dolly?
  3. Looking for the best way to gell a 30" Jem ball. Seems like it might be a pain.
  4. What is the differences between the tiffen chocolate filters and the schnieder chocolate filters?
  5. So, Does anyone have a contact for someone who can do the remount to PL? Looking to get the work done on a few lenses. Marc W.
  6. Hello- I have a 35mm project coming up next month and a friend of mine has offered his 4x4 filter set for me to borrow. My question is what would be my options for using his filter set on the 35mm camera/lenses. As of now I will be using Zeiss super speed lenses (18mm ? 85mm). Will 4x4 filters cover those lenses? Should I go with a 4x4 mattebox? Or a larger mattebox with filter inserts to fit the 4x4 filters? Thanks. -Marc
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