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  1. My personal lens for 16mm and Super 16 production. Has seen regular service, and well cared for in my possession. Stored in dry cabinet. Glass is clean and clear, focus and iris smooth. Contact for images. $1875
  2. Hello! Thank you to those who sent messages. The camera package has SOLD and is no longer available. Alain
  3. Eclair NPR s/n 3308 converted to super 16 by Les Bosher Items included: • Aaton Alcan motor • Perfectone Compact motor • Angenieux viewfinder x2 (s/n 972 and s/n 709), each with Arriflex rubber eyecup • 4x magazines 400-ft, with 3x rubber magazine throat covers • Original Eclair magazine case, holds 2x magazines • Les Bosher matte box rods and attachment In the last 15 years, I have owned four NPR cameras. This NPR is the latest serial number I have seen, and the nicest Eclair of the bunch. It was purchased with a Perfectone Compact, later adding the Alcan and second Angenieux viewfinder and a couple of additional magazines (bring the total magazine count to four). In 2014, the camera’s CA-1 lens port and camera gate was converted to Super 16 by Les Bosher. The C mount lens port remains centered for standard 16mm, allowing the camera to be used for shooting both regular 16mm (1.33) and super 16 (1.66). Bosher added a PL mount with port cap, and rods and attachment for using a matte box (matte box not included). Camera has been well cared for and routinely operated to keep oil distributed throughout the mechanism. 12V camera battery is NOT included (Bescor or other brands cost $50-100). $3250 + shipping cost
  4. PROJECTORS AND LENSES KODAK ANALYST II projector with 25mm lens http://16mmdirectory.org/marketplace_items/133 KODAK ANALYST (first generation) projectors with 25mm and 38mm lenses http://16mmdirectory.org/marketplace_items/134 EASTMAN 25C projector http://www.16mmdirectory.org/marketplace_items/81 BELL & HOWELL 566T MARC 300 Projector with extra lamps http://www.16mmdirectory.org/marketplace_items/132 ISCO 35-65mm f1.3 zoom, 52mm collar, 42.5mm barrel http://www.16mmdirectory.org/marketplace_items/97 38mm f1.5 projector lens, 52mm barrel diameter (Bell & Howell, Bauer) http://www.16mmdirectory.org/marketplace_items/129 .75-1.25x Sankor zoom converter projector lens, for 52mm barrel lenses http://www.16mmdirectory.org/marketplace_items/130 KODAK PAGEANT projector parts Pageant pressure plate assembly http://www.16mmdirectory.org/marketplace_items/67 Pageant pressure plate springs http://www.16mmdirectory.org/marketplace_items/66 Pageant shutter drive belt http://www.16mmdirectory.org/marketplace_items/68 Pageant spring belt http://www.16mmdirectory.org/marketplace_items/72 Pageant motor drive belt http://www.16mmdirectory.org/marketplace_items/73 EDITORIAL MISC PERF-FIX Sprocket Repair Machine http://www.16mmdirectory.org/marketplace_items/131 HOLLYWOOD FILM COMPANY 1200' split reel http://www.16mmdirectory.org/marketplace_items/32 HOLLYWOOD FILM COMPANY rewind reel shaft core adapter http://www.16mmdirectory.org/marketplace_items/85 MIER-HANCOCK carbide blade http://www.16mmdirectory.org/marketplace_items/48 CAMERA MISC ZEISS 25mm T1.3 mk1 Super Speed Prime http://www.16mmdirectory.org/marketplace_items/128 BIRNS & SAWYER 4x5.65 Matte Box http://www.16mmdirectory.org/marketplace_items/96 ECLAIR NPR magazine, two-piece pressure plate http://www.16mmdirectory.org/marketplace_items/102 Camera case for Aaton LTR/XTR http://www.16mmdirectory.org/marketplace_items/94 Magazine case for Aaton LTR/XTR http://www.16mmdirectory.org/marketplace_items/95 ANVIL accessory case http://16mmdirectory.org/marketplace_items/135 BOOKS AND MANUALS http://www.16mmdirectory.org/marketplace/books-manuals CONTACT: a@alainletourneau.com
  5. AATON Director's Chair Full chair, or cloth "Aaton" chair back only $30 + shipping PICTURES AND MORE INFO: http://www.16mmdirectory.org/marketplace_items/127 Contact a@alainletourneau.com
  6. ECLAIR NPR 400 Foot Magazine Late-model with two-piece pressure plate. Doors seal well, good working condition. $100 + shipping PICTURES AND MORE INFO: http://www.16mmdirectory.org/marketplace_items/102 Contact a@alainletourneau.com
  7. MAXLINE custom magazine case for three Aaton LTR/XTR magazines. Case is like new and works well as production and shipping case. Dimensions are 16x15.5x11 inches. $140 + shipping PICTURES AND MORE INFO: http://www.16mmdirectory.org/marketplace_items/95 Contact a@alainletourneau.com
  8. 4x5.65 BIRNS & SAWYER Studio MB-130 Matte Box Good condition, each filter stage rotates. Used with 15mm mini rods, though attachment is bolted on and could be modified to work with studio 15mm or 19mm rods. All items included sold retail for $2600. Includes the following: • Case • MB-130 matte box • Reduction rings - 80, 85, 86, 95, 105 • Metal shade $1150 + shipping PICTURES AND MORE INFO: http://www.16mmdirectory.org/marketplace_items/96 Contact a@alainletourneau.com
  9. Zeiss 25mm T1.3 Super Speed Prime Lens in Arriflex B Mount (Mark 1 version) $1250 + shipping Lens is fully serviced. Glass front and back is clean, no fungus, scratches 
or pits. Iris and focus rings turn smoothly. 80mm delrin front. Includes a delrin 
focus gear if interested, otherwise has oringinal Arriflex focus ring tabs. PICTURES AND MORE INFO: http://www.16mmdirectory.org/marketplace_items/128 Contact a@alainletourneau.com
  10. French Films on DVD, all retail copies, all five for $30 plus shipping Late August Early September, Oliver Assayas Father of My Children, Mia Hansen-Love The Duchess of Langeais, Jacques Rivette My Sex Life, Arnaud Desplechin Modern Life, Raymond Depardon
  11. New equipment, supplies and manuals posted. http://www.16mmdirectory.org/marketplace Alain
  12. New items have been added to 16mm Directory... http://www.16mmdirectory.org/marketplace Alain
  13. FOR SALE Birns & Sawyer MB-130 Studio Matte Box w/ two stage 4x5.65 filter trays, rotating http://www.16mmdirectory.org/marketplace_items/96 [ more info ] Includes: hard case, metal top shape (mounts to matte box, and reduction rings - 80, 85, 86, 95 and 105mm. Good condition. All items retailed for $2600 new. Asking $1500 or offer Alain LeTourneau a (at) alainletourneau.com
  14. FOR SALE Buyer pays shipping on all items. Aaton director's chair back. This is a cloth back for a director's chair. It's black cloth with "AATON" in white letters. I will sell the back alone, or the full chair, but might cost a little to ship the whole chair. $30 back; $50 back plus chair Aaton camera case for LTR/XTR camera, two mags and accessories. Very used, but still useable. $40 Aaton magazine case for LTR/XTR mags, holds three mags, like new custom Maxline case. $150 obo HFC 16mm split reels, 1200', good condition used. $40 each. 16GB Verbatim HDSC cards, class 6. three cards for $30 Filmmaker's Newsletter, vintage back issues from 1968-1983, great vintage ads from Eclair, Arriflex, etc. Five copies for $20 includes shipping. Five French Films on DVD, retail copies, includes Late August Early September by Oliver Assayas, Father of My Children by Mia Hansen-Love, The Duchess of Langeais by Jacques Rivette, My Sex Life by Arnaud Desplechin, and Modern Life by Raymond Depardon. All five for $60. Send me a PM, or email a@alainletourneau.com
  15. Besides Abel NY, what other companies in the USA are still doing Aaton XTRprod service? I would like to find people doing specifically XTRprod service (not earlier XTR models or LTR), and folks that have done service recently. If you have leads, feel free to mention places, but I'm mostly looking to hear from folks who have recent experience with service for an XTRprod. Also, if you've had recent experience with Abel NY, let me know how that went (in the forum or PM me). Thanks, Alain
  16. The Empty Quarter Spring Tour starts this Thursday, March 15 at the Vancouver International Film Centre's Vancity Theatre. Full tour scheduled posted here: http://www.emptyquarterfilm.org/screenings/ If we're coming to your area, we hope you can attend a screening, and look forward to meeting you. Best, Alain LeTourneau
  17. Official word from Kodak (reposted from other web source): "Yesterday, Kodak announced the discontinuance of its three Kodak Professional EKTACHROME and ELITE Chrome Films. This news does not affect our ability to supply 5285 and 7285 color reversal motion picture film products to our customers. We continue to provide these films in 35mm, 16mm and S8 stocks with the same great quality and product support you’ve come to expect from the Kodak brand." Alain
  18. http://www.thephoblographer.com/2012/03/01/did-kodak-just-discontinue-all-their-slide-films/ http://www.bjp-online.com/british-journal-of-photography/news/2156493/kodak-discontinues-colour-reversal-films Alain
  19. Anyone have more news than this? http://www.democratandchronicle.com/article/20120301/BUSINESS/303010043 I don't see the stock on the February 2012 discontinued list? Alain
  20. FOR SALE Buyer pays shipping Aaton camera and 2x magazine case, small and compact, good for vehicle transport, lots of use but still tons left $40 Aaton 3x magazine case, made by Maxliner, like new, very light use, good for shipping and vehicle transport $150 Contact for images - a [ at ] alainletourneau.com or send a PM
  21. FOR SALE Full list here - http://www.16mmdirectory.org/marketplace Sample of items for sale below. Open to offers and possibly items for trade. Buyer pays shipping on all items PROJECTOR MISC EASTMAN 25C projector $1500 http://www.16mmdirectory.org/marketplace_items/81 KODAK PAGEANT and KODASCOPE PARTS and other parts not listed here Spring belt (# 123851) $15 http://www.16mmdirectory.org/marketplace_items/72 Pressure plate $35 http://www.16mmdirectory.org/marketplace_items/67 Buhl 1.5-inch or 38mm lens for Graflex, Singer, Kalart, RCA 400 and Ampro $40 http://www.16mmdirectory.org/marketplace_items/90 BELL & HOWELL 50mm f1.2 projector lens, silver or black $5 each http://www.16mmdirectory.org/marketplace_items/91 BTD exciter lamps 7V .2A $8 each http://www.16mmdirectory.org/marketplace_items/93 CXK projector lamp 300W 120V $10 http://www.16mmdirectory.org/marketplace_items/92 EDITORIAL HAMMANN splicer $50 http://www.16mmdirectory.org/marketplace_items/35 MOVIOLA M-50 viewer $300 http://www.16mmdirectory.org/marketplace_items/47 HOLLYWOOD FILM COMPANY 1200' split reels $35 each http://www.16mmdirectory.org/marketplace_items/32 HOLLYWOOD FILM COMPANY rewinds $80 http://www.16mmdirectory.org/marketplace_items/82 HOLLYWOOD FILM COMPANY rewind reel shaft core adapter $25 http://www.16mmdirectory.org/marketplace_items/85 MOVIOLA rewind for parts $20 http://www.16mmdirectory.org/marketplace_items/83 MOVIOLA rewind reel shaft spring clamp $20 http://www.16mmdirectory.org/marketplace_items/84 NEUMADE Neuscope splicer $10 http://www.16mmdirectory.org/marketplace_items/86 CRAIG splicer $10 http://www.16mmdirectory.org/marketplace_items/87 MERCER film ruler $10 http://www.16mmdirectory.org/marketplace_items/88 MIER-HANCOCK carbide blades $20 each http://www.16mmdirectory.org/marketplace_items/48 STEENBECK table extension with take-up motor $50 http://www.16mmdirectory.org/marketplace_items/74 MISC Camera case for Aaton LTR/XTR $40 http://www.16mmdirectory.org/marketplace_items/94 Magazine case for Aaton LTR/XTR $150 http://www.16mmdirectory.org/marketplace_items/95 Misc zoom sticks for Cooke 9-50, Canon, etc. - let me know what you are looking for Thanks, Alain LeTourneau
  22. In December 2009, 40 Frames launched 16mm Directory as a technical resource directory for supplies and services related to 16mm exhibition. Each month, the directory is utilized by individuals from over 40 countries around the world, seeking information on projectors, supplies, distributors, exhibitors, and looking for items to buy or sell through the 16mm Marketplace. We ask organization and business sponsors as well as individual donors to lend support in helping to continue to make this resource available. http://www.16mmdirectory.org/support Please donate now. Sincerely, Pam Minty Alain LeTourneau
  23. Not certain if this made the rounds yet... ORWO North America is now online and distributing ORWO black and white camera and lab stocks in 16mm and 35mm. www.orwona.com UN54 - 100 ASA N74 - 400 ASA ORWO offers an alternative to the discontinued Kodak 7231 and a faster than Double-X black and white N74. It's nice to have options, and now we have three black and white negative films available in the USA - 100ASA, (UN54) 200ASA (7222) and 400ASA (N74). --Alain
  24. Very close to finishing a project I started years ago on 7231, and I'd like to finish on this stock. Please let me know if you have any factory sealed, re-canned, short or long ends you are willing to part with.... looking to purchase, trade or take donations. I have some color stock to trade, as well as equipment. Please let me know if you can help, contact - a@alainletourneau.com or +1 503 231 6548. Best, Alain
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