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  1. You guys are pretty hostile over a camera that you've never used. What cameras do you use to shoot your indie films? DV cameras, HDV cameras, or the HVX? Those are the only digital/ HD cameras you can buy new that are cheaper in cost than this camera will be, even with accessories. Compare the prosumer panasonic HVX- 200 to the professional grade Red One. Price out a full panasonic HVX-200 package. It'll run you around $20,000. You'd consider that to be an indie camera, but it doesn't have the same quality that this camera is offering. You can't change the lense, you don't have nearly the same resolution, and I don't know if you've ever attempted to pull focus on the HVX but panasonic's system (MF numbers, or really inaccurate feet/inches) leaves a lot to be desired. The Red One has an immediate advantage with the PL mount. Any DP can appreciate that. The two cameras are both light weight, which makes them more indie friendly. They both offer higher image quality to lower budget filmmakers, which is really the point isn't it? It's an opportunity, assuming it works as they claim that it does, for indie DPs to create higher quality images for the budget that they are given. Yes, the camera has problems and, in the interest of making money, I'm sure the designers will fix those problems. It's a prototype. (comment above) If you want a camera that operates itself, one you can turn on and go, then go use the DVX. Any high-end quality camera has set up time. Just because it's indie doesn't mean you can't fight for quality. And like someone previously stated, if you don't have time to set up a camera, then you definitely don't have time to light. What kind of films are you making? If they are not docs, then they sound like home videos.
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